Hampton Inn and Suites Austin-Downtown
200 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX 78701-4028

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Today, may 2, 2013, I was dressing after shower and saw something crawl across mattress. Thought it might be a bed bug, but not sure. Squished it with sheet and large red blood stain spread across it. Called management. They said not possible because matresses are covered, but at my insistence they checked it out. Confirmed to me later on the phone (called at my request to their credit) that 'slight infestation' had started in room 1202. I was worried they may have originated elsewhere and I did

n't notice. They were heat treating room as he was calling me. I travel often and now I have a new worry to add to the long list of airline travel and other hassles. Hope this doesn't infect my house. Placed clothes in dryer on high heat for an hour. I will be worried for some time about them spreading to my house.

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Ok.. Call me crazy...

I spent 3 nights in this hotel in 2010, and came away with raging bed bug bites which took 2 courses of steroids to fully go away.. Traveled to Austin again this week for work and my colleagues had booked this same hotel...I wanted stay elsewhere, but everything was booked...so I risked it.

I fully inspected my room on arrival and did not notice anything, except that the mattress was covered in a cover that could not be removed... 1 day after arriving home the tel

l tail signs of bites have shown up on my legs... And as I have learned, the bites can continue to appear up to 48 hours after being bitten.. I am sure there will be more...

I called the hotel, and just like last time they denied, denied, denied..and even went so far to say perhaps I brought them with me...

I am a diamond Hilton honors member and stay in about 35-45 Hilton properties a year... This is the only one I have had this issue with...
(Room 1505)
Do not stay here! It is infested and the management. Obviously has no interest in fixing it!

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I travel a lot for my new line of work and tend to stay in a lot of hotels. Last week, I had my first encounter with bedbugs while in Columbus, Ohio (Drury Inn/Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center). I didn't see the bugs but had a delayed reaction and went to the doctor the following Monday where we confirmed I had 25 bites.

Unfortunately, it took an incident of this scale to happen to me personally before becoming well-informed on bed bugs. 4 days later, I found myself traveling to Austin

, TX for work. I checked this data base and found no previous reports at the Hampton Inn on San Jacinto (where I'd be staying. I was reluctant to staying at a hotel but thought to myself I better get over it and move on since I travel 10-15 days/month.

Upon arrival, I took 30 mins to inspect my room before settling in. Sure enough, there was a bedbug on the wall near the ceiling about 3 feet from the headboard of my bed. I took a picture for documentation. I forget the room number, but it was on the 6th floor. I went back downstairs where they changed my room to one on the 13th floor.

I went through the same routine inspection and found excrement, eggs/larvae and apparently small bugs all grouped together towards the back corner of a drawer in the kitchenette. I went back downstairs to change my room again.

I was given a 3rd room on the 11th floor and inspected it again... I didn't find anything except some sketchy, tainted wall paper beneath the bathroom vanity. It was already 2:30 a.m.and I was exhausted... and I needed to wake up at 5:30 for work. I slept with the lights on and have been worrying about my stuff all day long... i hope the critters don't get in my bags! (At least now I know what these bugs look alike alive) I am supposed to stay tonight as well but will probably be checking out and finding another place.

-I have now become PARANOID!

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