Hampton Inn & Suites Austin-Downtown, TX
200 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX

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Beg bug in room 1200

We checked in late on Thurs, Dec 4th and went right to bed. By the next afternoon, I noticed bites developing on my body, which was strange as they were on parts covered by the clothes I was currently wearing. The following morning (Sat) I woke up in pain - both from my old bites and new bites. I looked around the bed while the room was still dark and saw something on the bed skirt. I touched it with my finger and it ran away. Definitely a bed bug! My bites were all down the side I was sleeping

on, and hurt worse than any bites I've ever had from other insects.

The hotel moved us to a new room (which kept us from receiving any new bites) but they refused to admit there had been a problem in our other room, and said if there was that I had brought the bugs myself. I NEVER had a bite before staying in that room, and never got any more after leaving it. If I had brought the bugs, I would've gotten bites in the new room too, as I brought all my luggage with me. They said they would have a professional come out to look on Sat, but then said they wouldn't because there wasn't any evidence.

We now have all of our luggage quarantined (we put everything in garbage bags before checking out) and have to pay out of pocket to have a bed-bug dog come to make sure we don't bring the bugs into our home.

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