Austin Center /Omni Hotel
700 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX 78701-3235

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Stayed at the Omni on San Jacinto in Austin for music festival. Have been here a week. Never noticed anything during my stay until the last night.

When I got back to room I pulled the covers back to sit in bed and there were two bugs on the surface of the sheet (they don't use a fitted bottom sheet but instead use a loose sheet tucked into the mattress).

Since I leave in the morning I will probably just report it on check out. I've already been here so many nights I just don't

feel like packing up on the last night to move to another room or hotel.

I'll post a follow up when I learn what the hotel says they will do or if they compensate me in any way.

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12/30/11-1/1/12 - Stayed 2 nights in 7th floor. Found no bedbugs, no sign. I am paranoid and had read about bedbugs on several other review websites. SO when I check into a room, I always pull up sheets, look behind headboards, etc. I was pleased to find no such problem in my room. Had a great stay, great service.

In respone to the individual who found 1 bug on her second night at the Omni Hotel. It is sad that she asked an hourly associate about something they had no knowledge of. The exterminating company we use was on scene an hour after the report and found 1 other bug in that room. The proper protocol was used and that room and 4 others adjacent were put out of order and serviced. They were out of order for 3 days and then had another inspection prior to being put back in service. It is sad when some

one attepmts to tell a story about a quality organization without facts but with opinions which are incorrect. The exterminator did say it was curious that they only found 2 juveniles, no adults or eggs. It appeard to them that someone carried either eggs or small insects in with them.

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10/4/11 - encountered bed bug in room 1818 around 7 am. This was my 2nd night staying at the hotel. Hotel manager, head housekeeper, and other housekeeper came up to verify it was indeed a bedbug, and it was. They said they "take these matters very seriously" would be closing down my whole floor to have an outside vendor investigate. The head housekeeper also said they would be closing down the floor below and above me. Amongst the compensation they gave me for my potential infestation was a dry

clean/launder of the items I slept in, as well as a dress and sweater that were out on/near the bed. I had to return to the hotel that afternoon to pick up my dry cleaning, and, while waiting at the front desk, I jokingly asked if they shut down the 18th floor today. All 3 of the front desk peoe who had JUST been checking people in looked totally clueless and were like "What? Why?" I just laughed and said, well, I'm here to pick up dry cleaning because I had bedbugs in my room and they had to clean a few items for me. DON'T RISK IT - they obviously didn't close down the floor and you could be the next person to stay in that room!!!!'

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