National Parks Resort Lodge
2385 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN

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We just got back from staying 1 week at what use to be named National Parks Resort Lodge but is now undergoing construction and is being named Grand Smokies condo lodge. A few days into our stay, we seen a bug, didn't think too much of it. Then a few days later we seen a few more bugs, again, we just killed them and didn't think about them being bed bugs. On our last day, I awoke to find one crawling on my arm. I investigated it further and realized they were bed bugs. I addressed it with the st

aff and the maintance man said they have had problems. He checked our room and found them on our love seat. I left immediately. We were staying in room 2009, my parents were staying in room 2008. They just started un-packing their suitcases yesterday and found a bed bug in their clothes.

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