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Bear Camp Cabin Rentals
Checked in on 10/5/12, besides some uncleanliness throughout the cabin (toilet, fridge), discovered bed bugs at 1:00 a.m. My daughter had been sleeping in this bed for 4hrs and had bites on her back and legs! Tried calling the "emergency" number 6 times, left messages every time. No call back for about 45min-1hr, they offered another property, but by then we'd packed everything and decided to go home! After a few days they DID fully refund our money. This inf

estation had obviously been there for awhile as one corner of the bed was black w/them! And they were large enough for me to see crawling across the bed! We took pix of them! I hope they get these cleaned up before anyone else checks in! My skin still crawls even days later!

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Daniel H. Lunsford.... 9-27-2010 thru 9-30-2010

Bear Camp Cabin Rentals.....
There was an article posted on the Bedbug Registry concerning our stay at one of their cabins. This article reported that the cabin was infested with bedbugs and that they were not willing to help or repay for our stay or cleanup. This article is TOTALLY FALSE. We did not post this article and have not had any problems. Please anyone reading these article know that we have not been responsible for this flammato

ry article. Thank you.

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I rented a cabin from Bear Camp Realty and Cabin rentals for my wifes birthday. We checked in on monday sept. 27th. and checked out on wednesday the 30th. when we got up that morning we found bugs on us. We advised the office upon our checkout. When we went back by the office later they advised us our cabin was infested with bedbugs. Their initial offer of help was to give us 15% off our next rental with them. We contacted a lawyer that same day who advised us we had a good case. We went back by

the cabin( the door lock code had not been changed) and got samples of the actual bugs and egg sacs.

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