River Terrace Wedding Service
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Booked one night. Had been watching TV with the lights off, only the bathroom light on for a night light. I fluffed my pillow and a bed bug fell out. I got a tissue, caught it and my husband took it to the front desk to demand another room. The girl at the front desk thought my husband was kidding until he handed the bug to her, live, in the tissue. They gave us another room.

We stayed 3 nights. On the 2nd night our daughter had bites on her and we were not sure where they had come from. We inspected both beds and didn't see anything. Upon leaving she had more bites and we did find 1 bug. I told desk clerk what we suspected and he said he would put a ticket in for maintenance. No refunds, he did apologize. There were 4 of us in the room and she was the only one bitten. We stayed 9-12 August 2012.

My daughter, son-in-law and 19 month old granddaughter made reservations at this resort to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. They stay 1 night but by the second night they were fleeing from the resort in the middle of the night after finding bedbugs crawling on and biting their daughter. The front desk clerk did not appear surprised when they brought this their attention, furthermore he was very obnoxious with them and with me and offered them no assistance. He refusd to transfer me to

the manager or to give the corporate office number. I spoke with management this morning who was very apologetic and did admit that there had been previous reports and issues with bedbugs at this location. Their did not get to complete their vacation as it was ended immediately and they drove back home. They had booked theirreservation through Expedia, which was wonderful to work with and expedia did reimburse them all of the charges, however, River Terrace nor West Gate resort at this point have offered further compensation to my family for having ruined the remainer of the vacation. River Terrace is a subsiderary of West Gate Resorts. I would not advise anyone to stay at any of their locations.

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Found a bedbug in the bed and one on the headboard on 12/29/2011. Front desk clerk said they had not had any reports of infestation and that they had just had an exterminator in to spray. She connected me to the manager on duty. He was very kind and apologetic. He said he was calling their exterminator to come to our room to check it out. He never arrived. We were originally going to stay two nights but checked out as soon as we found the bugs. The manager refunded our money for the next

night and half for the night that we had already stayed. He said he would refund the other half if his exterminator determined that it was really bed bugs. He also stated that they would "block off" that room until they determined if it was bedbugs.

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