Park Vista Hotel
705 Cherokee Orchard Rd
Gatlinburg, TN

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Stayed at Park Vista plenty of times over the years, never had a problem. I imagine any bugs found the guests brought from home.

We found out our three year old is allergic to bed bugs thanks to this hotel. Should have known something was up when we had to have our room changes due to mold in the bathroom ceiling. Stayed there Oct. 31st and Nov. 1 for our anniversary. Very upset.

Stayed for 2 nights and found no bedbugs in our room. Room was clean. Very pleased!

I have stayed at the Park Vista twice in the last 2 months and no evidence of bed bugs in my rooms
. In fact the room was spotless. I travel in my job so I am always looking for
some type of evidence of bed bugs.

Checked in August 25, 2013, checked out 3days later with bed bug bites on legs and arms. Very clean and beautiful hotel, but will not go back because of the bugs. :(

My family stayed July 13 through July 20th of 2013 in room 1002. It was very clean and no signs of any bedbugs or other pests.

Stayed in Room 1320 June 12-13 in the Park Vista. Checked the room and didn't see any bed bugs but woke up with bites on ankles and chest. The second morning was worse. Checked out immediately.

Spent the weekend of 11 Nov 2011 at Park Vista. Checked both beds closely end to end, top to bottom and found NO EVIDENCE of bed bugs. Room 316.

7/1/2011 -- Adult and baby bedbugs found!!!

Being an overly cautious hotel guest, I insisted that my husband and I check the beds before allowing us or our children to go to bed. In the process, my husband threw the pillows from one bed to the other, when an adult bedbug fell off of a pillow that was closest to the mattress onto the top of the other bed. I immediately saw it and knew from photos that it was a bedbug. My husband took a photo of it to show management and then killed it. As

he went to locate a manager, I stripped the beds and located a baby bedbug on the inside of the comforter towards the bottom of the bed (foot area). I took a photo of this bedbug and left it in place for management and maintenance to examine.

Both management and the maintenance gentleman saw the live baby bedbug. When we then showed them the photo of the adult bedbug, the maintenance gentleman stated that it was "for sure" a bedbug. Management apologized continuously; gave us a new room (bedbug free at least to the human eye); and gave us that night stay free. Most importantly, they assured us that the room with the bedbugs would be put on LOCKDOWN until it was exterminated with everything stripped. Despite my inability to sleep that night, I at least felt reassured that they take care of the problem once reported.

HOWEVER, it turned out that the room was NOT put on lockdown and given to other guests the very next night. When we confronted management about this unacceptable situation, one of them told us that when they went back to examine the room, they couldn't find any bedbugs and so figured it was safe to make it available to other guests. They, therefore, IGNORED the fact that both management and maintenance saw the LIVE baby bedbug on the comforter and the photo of the adult bedbug. They never even called an exterminator to inspect the room.

As a result of our complaints (and the fact that we became aware of new guests in the bedbug room that was supposed to be on lockdown), they supposedly were going to inform the new guests in the bedbug room of their presence and provide that night free of charge to them. They also stated that they would now put the room on lockdown, and gave us both of our nights free of charge. While we are grateful to the hotel for comping our 2-night stay, we were very disappointed in their failure to immediately address the bedbug situation and instead, due to the fact that they were sold out this past 4th of July weekend, decided to put profit first and put another family in a room with confirmed bedbugs. We truly hope the second manager was telling the truth and that the new family was in fact told and that the exterminator would be called to clean that room -- but I can honestly say I am doubtful.

Sorry for the narrative, but this is a story that needs to be told. The hotel is now owned by Doubletree, an organization that owns many hotel chains throughout the United States and that I am a frequent stayer of -- I expect more from Doubletree and so should all guests. Simply unacceptable not to immediately address such a dire situation confirmed by your own management and maintenance. I will honestly never stay at Park Vista again.

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3/24/2011 after waking up with numerous bites on me the day we checked out, I removed all the bedding to find that the end of the matress looked as if it was infested with bed bugs. I washed everything in hot water when we returned home and am praying that they stayed at the hotel! If you stay here, look at your matress BEFORE you crawl into bed!! I told them about my experience, and they laughed denying any bed bugs... well of course they would deny it!

Please be advised this person states they stayed at the Park Vista in May of 2008, and posted this report of concern in 2010. It is our policy to immediately take care of guest's concerns. Our housekeeping staff is trained to look for and report any areas of concern in any room. We also have a professional pest control company under contract to protect the entire hotel as well as all sleeping rooms, now as well as in the past.
In January of 2010 our hotel began a major $11 million dollar renova

tion project, in which every room as well as the public space was completely renovated. All new linens, carpets, wall coverings, and furniture are only part of the process. I would certainly hope “anonymous” would give us a second look.
Thank you - Jackelyn R. Schafer – General Manager

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woke up 2008 with bites all over my back & side.
sheets smelled extremely bleachy like they know they have them and were trying to kill them.
didnt take any home with me and didnt see any. but those bites itched for over a week.

May 2008 - Found bed bugs on the mattress, bites on ankles and woke up to find one on my foot when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Hotel said they do not have them and they denied me a refund for the room.

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