Greystone Lodge at the Aquarium
559 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Found 4 reports:

Stayed one night one 2nd floor of C building. When I woke up on Saturday, August 22, 2015, I had several red welts on my arms. Found out it was bed bug bites. For this to be remodeled place & price of room I will never stay there again. Got home & washed everything in my suitcase in HOT water & left suitcase out in the hot sun to disinfect & kill them in case any traveled back in my suitcase. Please don't stay there if you value your health!

Stayed on 5th floor. Did the whole bed bud inspection upon arrival and found nothing, but when we returned home and opened my luggage an adult bedbug was on top.

My family stayed in room 356 the weekend of october 14. We did the "bedbug search" using flashlights and pulling things out. We found no evidence in our room.

We had three adjoining rooms w/2double beds in each room. All 6 beds had bugs. Then we were moved to the 5th floor and 5 of the beds had bugs. Got our money back and left. This was on October 8 at Greystone at the Aquarium lodge.

No nearby bug reports