Sheraton Broadway Plantation
3301 Robert M Grissom Pky
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-6402

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family of 4 stayed for 3 nights in room 1835 and adult male in bed was bit 5 times by bed bugs. didn't find a bed bug until day of check out. called front desk and after an hour they sent someone to the room. ECO lab bedbug specialist was called and bed bugs confirmed. we were moved to another room and our luggage and clothes were steam cleaned by the Sheraton staff.

We are RCI time share holders. We like to trade out our week to stay at the Sheraton Broadway Plantation. We have stayed five times previously without any issues. We arrived on 11/21/2015 and between our family had condos 1311 & 1312. The condos were very nice. My mother-in-law and family stayed in 1312. My husband, 10 year old daughter and I stayed in 1311. My daughter slept in the separate bedroom with 2 double beds. Sunday morning we are all up and cooking breakfast. My daughter was j

umping from bed to bed in her room. She started screaming that bugs were on the bed that she didn't sleep in. My husband and I ran in and I immediately knew what they were. We then pulled the bedding sheets/comforter back and saw more. We called the front desk and they sent maintenance over to confirm. We think they were isolated to the bed that no one slept in; however this is very inconvenient to deal with while on vacation. The management at Sheraton Broadway were very inconsiderate. They did steam our luggage and clothing but that was the only compensation they offered. We had to argue with management to get points toward our time share. They had to move both of us to new condos (thank goodness) and we immediately checked the beds in unit 17, which were clean. It was a hassle and at no time did anyone offer anything other than points. We had Christmas shows scheduled that we had to reschedule because we were still in our PJs from the night before and had to wait for our clothing. It was the sixth and last time we will ever stay at Sheraton Broadway Plantation. Highly disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our family stayed in a 2 bedroom lockout Sept 5-10th. After our first night stay, my husband woke up with >75 red, itchy welts all over his arms and legs. We thought they were mosquito bites at first, but decided there was no way he could have gotten bitten that many times by mosquitos. We then checked the mattress for bed bugs just in case. We found small reddish brown bugs all over the box spring underneath the mattress and sheet. Management sent a pest control company to test, and our suspici

ons were confirmed! My poor husband and 2 year old twin toddlers were all affected. The kids didn't have symptoms until after we left, but my husband had an immediate severe allergic reaction requiring medical treatment. Front desk management was unprofessional as well as lacked proper communication skills, empathy and customer service. Although they did follow protocol to accommodate us in another room, steamed our luggage and launder our clothes, they did nothing to help appease our concerns and stress over the traumatic event. No one ever asked how my husband or children were doing during the remainder of our stay. A few days later, we had to unfortunately switch to a 2nd room due to a malfunctioning washing machine that caused a flood in our unit. Before even unpacking our things again, we decided to check the beds. To our disgust, our 3rd room also had similar bugs found under one of the mattresses, but we did not stick around this time long enough for pest control to come out to confirm. We were so uncomfortable staying in another room that we decided to end our vacation early and leave the property immediately even though it meant driving 8 hours back home through the night. After several phone and email conversations with a Corporate Resolutions Manager (as we were getting no where with hotel management), we were finally felt to believe someone actually cared enough to look further into our situation. We were compensated the length of our stay back in timeshare points, which is the least they could have done. Lesson learned, always carry a flashlight and check the beds before sleeping!!

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7/14/2015 - came to room 921 around 10:30 pm and found a bed bug on the bottom sheet when I pulled back the comforter and top sheet. Saw just one bug, but that was enough for me. Guest services did move us to another room. We have stayed here for a week or partial week during the summer since 2001 and this is the first time I have seen a bed bug.

8-2012 We stayed here and stay here once a year typically and have never had any issues with bed bugs or uncleanliness.

I agree with the others - this has always been a clean resort - have owned there since before it was built. Never an issue. Report sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee

I stay here every year, have for years, leaving tomorrow to be there for the week. I have never seen anything like that or had any problems after a stay. I will be double checking when we walk in and will report after my stay.

We just stayed here and did not see any evidence of bed bugs.

We stay at this resort for a week every year. We have never encountered any type of bug inside the unit. I think the ex-employee may be trying to get back at the resort for something.

We have stayed at this location many times in many different units ... even when they were owned by Embassy Suites. We have never seen or experienced bites from bedbugs. The staff comment is inaccurate.

I am a former employee of this resort and know that it has had numerous problems with bedbugs.

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