Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort
2311 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Do not stay here. They are aware that they have a bed bug problem and will still rent you a room. After your stay they will ignore your emails and calls. Beware my child had bits from head to toe and had to be seen in the emergency room.

November 10th thru the 12th

Just returned from Compass Cove. We stayed in Cabana room 420 and had a wonderful couple of days. Not a bed bug to be found and we always look no matter where we stay. The rates were great , the staff was right on top of our needs, the room was bright and very clean. The restraunt has a really nice breakfast buffet and we took advantage of that for sure. Also the restraunt staff went out thier way to make us very happy. Have stayed her a couple of times before a

nd had absolutely no problems at all. Thank you for a very pleasant stay Compass Cove. We will be back.

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My daughter and I stayed at the Compass Cove, Pinnacle Bldg. 10th floor on Sept 25, 26, and 27.
Ten days after our trip we both were covered with bed bug bites. Have tried to talk to someone in management but phone calls and emails are not returned. We were both very uncomfortable for a number of days.

We stayed in Mariner room 1217 labor day weekend 2015 my mother and I both developed bedbug bites over our bodies. Bite marks did not show until after we left the hotel. I called today to complain to a manager of course he was not available. The front desk staff acted as if it was no big deal to her. Advise staff if I didn't hear from a manager today I would contact the General Manager Jason Morgan.

We arrived saturday august 29th 2015 and my mother woke up with bites all over her. She thought it was mosquito bites. Well then 3 nights later she woke up to a bed bug crawling on her back, and had about 10 bites on her. The beds are beyond uncomfortable, and the floors are just nasty. The smell in the hallways made me literally throw up coming back from the beach. This place needs to he completely cleaned top to bottom, and they need to treat the entire resort for bedbugs. Needless to say, we

will Not be returning to Compass Cove resort. They did move us to another room and are refunding our money, but the thought of bringing them home is scary. Just ready to get home now. Our vacation is ruined.

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Our stay was June 18-25, 2015 in room 716 Mariner. We checked the beds when we arrived and didn't see anything. Upon our third day of staying there 3 of the 8 folks in the room were showing bites. Initially, we thought it was spider or mosquito bites. In the morning we searched the beds again and found a bed bug. We called maintenance and they quickly responded. When maintenance came and lifted the box spring, ten or so bugs fell off the box spring. They brought in a hired company, paid for some

of our clothes to be laundered, and were accommodating. We were moved to a nearby room. We received a refund for the three evenings we stayed in the original room.

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pikitraveler is obviously accustomed to filth and bugs.. how sad a life he/she must live. dirty loser... go clean your house. normal people do not live with bugs ;)

Bed bugs galore in room 544. We pulled back the sheet and they were everywhere. Full sized as well. Hotel was very accommodating though, they gave us a full refund and called in a company to treat our stuff. This was on Thursday June 4, 2015.

I don't know what all the issues with bed bugs are, they exist in our world get use to it. every human has more mess on them at any given day
that they should worry about a bed bug, one room does not constitute an infestation of a complete resort, how ignorant is the modern traveler these days. whinny ass Americans, get over it

Bed bugs found in my parents room. They brought in a company that steamed everything and they moved them to a different room.

My mother found another bite today. I'm just hoping she didn't bring them home with her.

Will not be visiting Compass Cove again...started having itchy red bumps on my arms and fingers and my daughter has some on her wrist...we slept in the same bed. I called the resort and room #1560 was checked and they said no signs of bed bugs, but were signs of something that had been there! loved the pools and waterslide, but will not be going back.

I am an owner of 2 units. One in the Pinnacle bldg and one in the North Tower. Have been going there for 6 yrs now and have never seen any bed bugs. I know that if people have a problem and contact the front desk they will be taken care of. The staff there is very friendly and willing to help for anything.

10-17-13. Another stay, another night of no problems and no bugs. Some of the comments here are beyond idiotic. Found no bugs, but had them when you got home????? Please stay the hell home till you learn what hygiene is.

If there have been bugs here, its probably because your nasty asses are bringing them with you.

Stayed here on many occasions and have never seen a single bed bug.

Sounds to me like some of you are the problem and need to keep your nasty asses at home and not spread them around.

Woke up with what have confirmed to be bedbug bites. 9/20/13-9/23/13 Stay away from there! Looks are deceiving!!

My family and I have stayed at Compass Cove more than a dozen times. We were just there the week of Memorial Day this year and it was perfect. The first thing we do is strip the beds anywhere we stay and search. Very CLEAN with amazing staff. Totally recommend this place!

I stayed at Compass Cove mariner building 05/22-05/27/2013 and I didn't have any problems. i did not see any bed bugs and I did not bring any home.

So Cindyjo ther were no bedbugs when you stayed here? Was your stay recent? We want to stay here but are worried about the bedbug reports!

I am suspicious of these reports, as the bad grammar, spelling, etc. are so similar, etc. I have visited this hotel several times in recent times and had no issues. Possibly the result of a previous employee or someone with another issue?

I stayed at the compass cove last summer on 8/11/10-
8/16/10 We didn't see any bed bugs but when we return home we had bed bugs, it's a shame because my girls really liked the hotel with all the pools and the suite with the ocean front view. I didn't want to believe it but after reading reports from other guest who also had problems with bed bugs at this hotel I knew it was true. the room also wasn't as clean as it should be, for 200.00 a night I expected a little better. Myrtle Beach is a lov

ely place and I do intend to go back to visit but I will not be staying at the Compass Cove. It is a year later and I see two more guest have posted beg bugs reports the management or owners still haven't done any thing to clean up the hotel. what a shame. shame on you Compass Cove.

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i stayed at the compass cove last summer around july 26th and i didnt get bit by anything but saw the bed bugs it was such a shame becuz the place was clean and our family had a really good time there we hardly left the hotel it was soo fun i was very disapointed becuz it was a very nice place nice resturants and nice waterslides and pools its such a shame shame on the owner of compass cove i do not suggest anybody stay at this very nasty resort and the health inspectors should really check int

o this place SHUT THEM DOWN PLEASE! (: ):

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i worked at compass cove for 2 years as maint. person from 2008 to 2010. I personaly saw bed bugs. This past summer Lanes pest control was there every week, many rooms infested. Cheif engineer and managment both blame the problem on guests bringing the bugs with them!!! Pest control company would spray in morning and before cemacals were gone they had rooms rented to people. If they only knew how dangerous these cemicals can be to certain geusts. They have no respect for the guests< its just get

the room done so it can be rented quick as possible even if bugs arent gone. Lanes would do the same rooms over and over again. Housekeeping NEVER shampoos the carpets they are very nasty your feet stick to carpetand turns white socks black on bottom after walking on carpet. Dont know if that has anything to do with the bed bugs.Very inconsiderate mangement. They can delete this all they want to cover up their problem but this will keep being posted!!! They should never blame the quests but they will do anything to make themselves look good all they want is your money then they care nothing about the quests after that.
step up management and do what is best for the quests quit being so [email protected]!!

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Stayed there Sept 24th and 25th in room 1034 pinnacle building. checked corners of bed when arrived didn't see anything but when we were leaving I found one on the bed. Boths kids where bitten up pretty bad. Stayed there about 4 times and this was the first we had a problem. Next time I check a room it will be the whole bed!!!

10 rooms had to be put on block because of a massive outbreak of bed bugs to one room. There were close to 100 bed bugs on both of the beds and when you walked into the room you could see them visibly with the naked eye. The beds were destroyed and the room the bed bugs were in and the 4 adjoining rooms were blocked off the eliminate the pests.

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