Caribbean Resort and Villas
3000 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3046

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I stayed one night in a three bedroom suite on 09/09/14... I woke up with my arm itching in several places...I got up and turned on the light and look all around the bed and at first I didn't see anything but when i looked at the top sheet i noticed a small brown bug just laying there... at first I thought it was dead but when I started taking pictures it started moving! I had never seen bed bugs but after I Google small brown bugs it was very clear that this was a bed bug.... I only had three b

ites at first when I woke up but the next day several whelps started appearing and after going to the doctor today I was told that it is definitely bed bug bites and I am very allergic apparently that is why I am itching like crazy!
It is very common for the bites to appear the next day ? don't know why but I know that these bites are no joke!!!!!

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I spent one night in this hotel and woke up Sunday morning with something itching on my ankle. I was worried that it might be a bed bug, but didn't think too much of it because I couldn't see a bite, and it was only one spot. Over the next few days, the itching slowly extended up both of my legs, above my knees, and I couldn't sleep at night from the itching. I went to Urgent Care and was diagnosed with a "mite" and given prescription Elimite cream to apply over my entire body. I called the

hotel and they said they would spray the room and look carefully. Since I did not report it and have it evaluated before I left, they do not cover any medical expenses.

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