Econo Lodge Sharonville
11620 Chester Rd
Sharonville, OH 45246-2804

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I went to this hotel with my friend and we had to quickly leave. There were bugs all over the bed and the room itself. When I got home it was too late. I was bit up and had the bed bugs all in my house. I was unaware that I had brought any back due to the fact that I was nieve in the subject matter. I learned afterward that they hoarde in your things and hitch a ride back home with you. Since then I have had to fight them for months and the hotel claims to not have any problem with bed bugs. I b

eg to differ. I won't step foot in another hotel or movie theater due to the fear of contracting more. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and we are #2 in the nation for bed bugs and no one cares to fix the problem.

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