Microtel Inn and Suites Cincinnati Mason-Kings Island
5324 Beach Blvd
Mason, OH 45040-2357

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I stayed there wed night Oct 21, 2015. I asked for a different room because the first one smelled bad. I was given a different room which still had an oder but didn't seem as strong as the first one. I never thought to check for bedbugs and didn't actually see them but by Thurs and Friday afternoon I found myself scratching and itching in numerous places all over my body. As the day progressed I had literally hundreds of bumps on me. They clustered down my left arm, my back at my waist

line, my neck,throat, my rt hand, arm, and on my leg around my knee. I did call the hotel stating I had numerous bites and were they aware they had an infestation. Because it was Sunday when I called I was told the manager wouldn't be on duty until Monday and someone would contact me then. Now I am worried I may have brought them home with me.

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Found a bug on my 8 year olds ankle assumed it was a tick. He pulled it off leaving a bloody spot on him. I flushed it. Then the next morning i see another bug crawling on the white comforter i realized this is no tick,i googled bedbugs and was horified. I put the bug in a tissue smashed it and took it to the front desk. They told me they would have to call an outside company to confirm it and they would call me. They called and said they refunded my money and were still calling an ouside compan

y. They were very nice about the problem. Room 221

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My boyfriend woke up with itching with red bumps all over his arm, then stated that he slept with his arm behind his pillow of the edge of the bed. We are very disappointed with the outcome of staying at the hotel.

Bed bug found crawling across my bed at 5:30 am. I checked the mattress, which had a zipper casing, & found evidence/stains all over the corner of the mattress. The attendant made it seem like I 'released' the bug when I unzipped the casing. I didn't unzip until after I saw the bed bug. When I tried to show her the bug, which was dead in a bowl, she literally ran away from me. I ended up throwing it away & leaving the hotel. She refused to even talk to me. It was a horrifying experience. Room 21

1. October 19, 2014.

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