Holiday Inn Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park and Resort
4560 Hilton Corporate Dr
Columbus, OH 43232

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On October 9, 2015, we checked into Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park on Hilton Corporate Drive in Columbus, Ohio. The staff was friendly and the water park itself clean. I even observed someone checking the water PH regularly. That night at bedtime, I laid down for the night and within a minute, I saw a small brown bug scurry across the bed sheet so I killed it. I got up, googled bed bugs, and the picture matched the description of the bug Id found. I stripped down the bed and killed two more and f

ound several in the corners and seams of the mattress. I started taking pictures as evidence. I contacted the front desk and the manager came immediately. The manager witnessed the bed bugs and when I asked for a full refund the manger gave it along with a receipt with no argument. The staff was apologetic. We ended up leaving the hotel but due to the electronic refund, we didn't get the room money back yet. It will take 2-5 days. We couldn't afford another hotel so we had to cut our trip short in the middle of the night and drive back home four hours away.

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