Sheraton Cincinnati North
11320 Chester Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246

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Now called the Crown Plaza Hotel - Same as the rest of the stories. Stay 09/30/2012 - Stayed on second floor and woke up to a bed bug on the pillow. Contacted front desk and maintenance came and got the bug. They stated they have NEVER had bed bugs reported before. They also promised to credit my room. Just got the credit card statement and we were not credited. I called and was told to go play in the traffic!! This is honestly the worse hotel I have ever stayed in. Horrible service and

major dishonesty. Run do not book here!

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This is now the Crown Plaze Hotel. I was not aware of these reports when I reserved there. Stayed on the eighth floor and woke up to find a bedbug on my pillow. I threw the pillow across the room and almost convinced myself that it was another type of bug until I saw it moving on the wall and crushed it with a tissue when it was trying to hide in the corner (bloody and nasty). I took it down to the management who laundered my clothing, comped my room and is replacing my luggage and briefcase. It

was at the beginning of a trip for business - luckily I drove so I didn't need bags to get items home and I was in town for the day so I could pick my belongings back up. Using trashbags for luggage was less than desireable, however. They are doing what they can to remedy the situation...but still.

It just makes you feel dirty. This occurred they're still there!

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On December 31, my sister and I stayed with our children at the Crown Plaza for NYE's CoCo Key Water Resort New Year's Eve Bash. My sister's room was on the sixth floor and she found bed bugs in the room. We showed the bug to the hotel manager, house keeping supervisors, and the hotel engineer. They bagged our stuff and sent it out to be dry cleaned and we are now waiting to get our belongings in the mail. They are also supposed to refund our money per the manager but I think people should be aw

are of these issues! I have been disgusted ever since and worried to stay anywhere else! In my opinion, these hotels should be shut down and exterminated to correct the problem..not keep it hush hush and hope it goes away!

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This hotel is now called the Crowne Plaza. In April 2010, I stayed on the 7th floor (I don't recall the room number) and slept with my legs outside the covers. I woke up with a large red itchy welt on my ankle, which I know from experience elsewhere to be a bedbug bite. (The sensation of the reaction is distinctive and is not like a mosquito or other insect bite.)

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