Sheraton-Cincinnati North
11320 Chester Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246-4003

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This hotel is currently known as the Red Lion Hotel and is supposedly between owners.

I stayed at the hotel in conjunction with a convention across the street at the Sharonville Convention Center. I saw one adult bedbug in my room upon arrival but honestly didn't know what I was looking at.

Another person also staying at the same hotel came to the convention with several bites on her face from bedbugs in her room.

Afterwards, I did a thorough check of my room for other bedbugs and did

not see any, but I'm not yet confident that I didn't bring any extra stragglers home.

There are several reasons to not stay at this hotel, but if you wish to avoid bedbugs, stay well away.

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This hotel is now called the Red Lion. I experienced multiple bed bug bites on 6/6/15. I woke up and found the bedbug in the bed. It was an awful experience.

First, hotel name is Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North (11320 chester Road), stayed there 07/27/12 to 07/29/12.Woke up Sunday(07-29-12)morning itching on left arm. Left arm covered with red itchy bumps.Found bedbug in room and took pictures. Reported this to manager(also showed her bug bites)at front desk and she said," thank you for letting me know. what room were you in? I explain that I was concerned about taking them (bedbugs) home. I was then given paperwork to fill out and informed that should

I have an outbreak at my home I can file a claim with hotel and they would pickup cost. It's just so devastating.

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I sleep at coco key and when i came back i told and my friends they said coco key has bedbugs so know i'm scared to sleep there and i'm scared to even swim.

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