Gateway Lodge Motel
4453 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH

Found 3 reports:

I was in room 123 and checked out at around 2:00AM due to infestation of the bed bugs.They were everywhere;ceiling floor, walls, bathroom, sink and tub.

I was staying at this place and was bitten all over by something and then i found out by a friend that it was from bedbugs........

I stayed at the Gateway Lodge Motel in August 2008 everything was fine till the air conditioner broke, we were moved to room 18 and that nite I was bit by something ine a couple of places. I had no clue what it was, but everynite I was being eatten up.. One nite my boyfriend was watching tv while I was sleeping and saw something on his pillow out of the corner of his eye he caught it and put it in a coffe cup and waited till the next morning to show me because he knew i would freak out... It was

a bedbug

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