Econo Lodge Williamsville
7200 Transit Rd
Williamsville, NY

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I stayed here at Econolodge -- Freeman Street in Williamsville, on November 2, 2013. I booked it on-line for $70. The staff gave me the worst room. I convinced them to change it and they were reluctant to do so. This hotel is REALLY REALLY RUN DOWN, VERY DIRTY and FILLED WITH BED BUGS. The sheets and towels were soiled but I was so tired I just crashed. The Continental Breakfast served cheap and oily muffins and cold coffee. THIS PLACE IS FILTHY SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!

Sept 24-26/10 - Room 104 Sister bed bug bites.

I stayed at the Econolodge in July 2009 in room 208. I woke up the next day with over 12 bed bug bites all over my face, arms and feet. I didn't realize until we had already left the hotel and the bites began to become itchy. I will NEVER stay at the Econolodge again!!! This has been my worst experience at a hotel ever.

the event happened on 9/10/07. we were bitten in bed at 4:24am (I will remember this for a while). I killed three bugs in the bed and my wife killed 4 to 5 and the dead bugs smeared red with blood. We quickly packed up and got out of there, then while we were looking up bed bugs on the internet at home my wife found one crawling on me. We kept that one incased in scotch tape for further identification, then changed all our clothes, sealed the clothes and belongings and put them outside in ou

r shed. When we told the jerk at the hotel, he told me that they weren't bedbugs and blew me off... He said that they were beetles that came in from the AC units, which is total BS, we have the evidence!!! Anyway, we've been spending the rest of our time now baking our papers at 300F for 3 hours, or freezing our clothes and shoes and electronics for several days at -6F. We've also been dunking our cosmetics in 70% rubbing alcohol in the optomistic hope that we can keep our house bug free.

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