Red Roof Long Island
699 Dibblee Dr
Westbury, NY

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Found a bedbug after doing a bedbug check on 5/24/2014 when we entered the room (really a bedbug, photo positively identified by an entomologist). I brought the bug to the front desk, I was told by management that they could switch us to another room, or comp us for the night. Since we had a wedding to go to we opted for another room - did not find any bedbugs in the second room (although it was pretty dirty). We ultimately only used the room to change before and after the wedding and opted to d

rive the 2+ hours home instead of risking it. I was sent an email the following day asking me to evaluate our stay, and received a reply shortly after saying that we would not be charged for our stay and that they were taking corrective measures.

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I stayed at the red roof inn same location room number 331 on nov the 3rd, 2008 I received over 100 bed bug bites. I have retained an attorney. I washed all clothing, bought new suitcases. still after over 4 weeks still have itching, and still retain scars.Sought medical attention right away, video taped and took photos. when I alerted management they failed to tell me that someone else was bitten as well.

I stayed three nights Mar 6, 7 & 8, 2008 at the Red Roof Inn 699 Dibblee Dr, Westbury, NY. I woke up with itchy bumps on my back. I was busy and thought it was a rash. The next night there were some more on my back, buttocks adn hands. Then the third day I had some on my legs and arms, too. I went on line this morning and I believe what I am experiencing is bedbug bites. I am now tossing my backpack and computer bag in the trash and I am laundering everything I had with me. I will have my

daughter who was with me and who lives in a dorm do the same. I am worried the bugs are already in my house! I called the hotel and they said they'd look into it and get back to me. They haven't.

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