Days Inn Watertown
110 Commerce Park Dr
Watertown, NY

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If you live/visit Watertown/Fort Drum, DO NOT STAY HERE! I checked in @ 2:30pm 11/30/2014, laid down around 8:30pm, seen a bedbug and stood up the entire time with my one month old daughter in my hands until I moved to an entire different hotel down the street. The manager told the worker for the night I was NOT getting a refund nor would he move me to a different room even after I explained I had a newborn & WHAT IF she got bit by the bedbug... She would've gotten sick or even died. The manager

obviously didn't care then the worker tried to say I brought the damn bedbug there. He had me all types of fucked up trying to flip this on ME after I told him I was in the process of moving/ETSing! I booked a room down the street, came back & he tried to move me ONE ROOM DOWN from where I seen the bedbug at AFTER (I guess after the manager knows how much damage I could do with his careless statements he was telling the worker to tell me) my husband inspected the bed and we seen a SECOND bedbug with blood stains on where they were entering/exiting the bed. Welp! Looks like Watertown/Fort Drum just made me not want to EVER come back! I'm happy I'm leaving! I'm not going to miss this place ONE BIT. DO NOT STAY HERE when you're about to PCS/ETS/visiting your soldier! The manager's name is Harry Patel & I am calling corporate tomorrow to make sure this careless man loses his job & that this hotel is violating health inspection codes!

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