Marriott Long Island Hotel and Conference Center
101 James Doolittle Blvd
Uniondale, NY

Found 3 reports:

Stayed 3 nights in this hotel April 16 2015. Didn't see anything but it's now about one month later and I have a bedbug in my bed at home and my husband and I are getting bites. Not happy.

Stayed overnight on January 4th. Woke up with a few bites on my right forearm. Next night, at home, had a rash of bites on my right shoulder, and a few on my trunk.

Husband came home with bed bugs in his suitcase from a business trip staying at this hotel. We called and let them know, they didn't seem too concerned.

He also has bites up and down his back.

Currently dealing with washing everything and waiting on exterminator. I actually found a bed bug in our bed!

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