Sheraton University Hotel and Conference Center
801 University Ave
Syracuse, NY
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On Tuesday at 2:00 am I woke up after my neck was itching severely and saw insects on my nightgown. I removed my nightgown and put a glass over one of the insects before hoping in the shower. I called the front desk and they quickly put me in a new room. I was unable to sleep and the experience was pretty traumatic. I had welts across my neck and jaw line that have since gotten much bigger and the itching and pain has worsened. The next day the hotel manager promptly responded and confirme

d that the insect was a bed bug. I was not charged for the night and given points for a two night stay in any Starwood hotel . The hotel had an exterminator come in to do an assessment and fumigate the room. The manager informed me that they had no evidence of any other bugs or eggs in that room or any adjoining rooms, only the one that I caught in the glass. I was told that there were no signs of infestation and that there was a possibility that I might have brought the bug with me.

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