Best Western Mill River Manor
173 Sunrise Hwy
Rockville Centre, NY
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I am responding to a response by Lisa on 09-13-2010. If she is truly the general manager, she really needs to be taken out of that position. Her spelling and grammar stinks.
Firstly of all, the word is vermin, not verment or vermnent, as Lisa spelled it. Secondly, you use bed covers, not bed covvers.
Thirdly, she stated "This in fact is not true we follow . . . ". That should read "This, in fact, is not true. We follow . . . ". It seems that Lisa just likes to ramble on with no conce

rn for commas, periods or Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.
If Lisa is truly your General Manager, then she should be able to write and spell proper English. Maybe she needs to attend some sort of an English class geared toward 4th grade, where proper spelling and grammar is taught. If I owned a business and any of my employees sent out a letter with that grammar and spelling, they would be removed from that position.
Now, all that said, I have stayed at your establishment six to eight times in the past year. Never have I seen any bugs in my bed. Although I prefer a firmer bed, I do not find the mattresses lumpy as mentioned in the comment posted by Robin. The room is clean and the showers are awesome.

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Found bed bugs in bed next morning. And my blood stain on sheet

This in fact is not true we follow the highest standards when it comes to any verment, we are an older property so sometimes people don't feel we deserve full rate when our services are equal or better to other hotels in the area.

Our procedure with any verment report is to close the room down our exterminator is called and he propmptly inspects room anyone can come to our property and see our reports on inspections.

our exterminator has also fully trained our housekeeping and engineering

department on how to inspect a room being that we are so busy are rooms are fully inspected regularly by our housekeepers and 2x's a month from our exterminator. We also have special bed covvers on our matresses and box springs to prevent any investation. We are quite aware that this is a world wide epidemic and just because you don't see hotels listed doesn't mean they have not experienced this situation. sometimes customers are mad at other things or don't have the means for a hotel night in new york and say spiteful things thinking this will get there money back. It is not nice. My name is Lisa I am the general manager and anyone who would like more information about any type of vermnent and our procedures please feel free to call me at 516-678-1300

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I haven't stayed at a hotel or motel in years. On July 23rd, 2010, I decided that my boyfriend an I needed a 'staycation' just to unwind and get away from our town, his mother and everything else around us. I made reservations to stay at a "Best Western" in our area on the 31st, for that night. Nevertheless, this little escapade was not only expensive and uncomfortable (the beds were worn out and had dips and lumps in it), but it keeps on giving almost 3 weeks later.

I have to admit, I did

n't even think about bed bugs at the time. Sure, there was an epidemic that was not yet rampant on Long Island yet as far as I knew but I never thought that it would follow us home. Yet here I sit at 1:44 a.m. not able to sleep again and stressing about getting up for work soon.

It started out as a few suspect red, itchy bites on my legs. It has since turned into a psychological nightmare (without the sleeping, of course) for me. My skin is crawling, my head feels itchy and I'm freaking out. Him? Nothing. Turns out that allergic people get eaten and non-allergic people feel nothing, don't get bit and don't even realize they have bed bugs at all! No fair I say but I'm just jealous and tired and still itchy and freaked out.

I hate bugs, a lot. Especially the ones that bite me and leave their mark or others that attack me and put me in the hospital with heavy anti-biotic IV drips in my veins (spiders) but these bed bugs are messing with my mind. I'm almost nuts from the thought of bugs on me while I'm trying to sleep, which I can't due to the constant feeling of movement and things crawling on my skin. If I didn't mind bugs on me before this (I do though, much) then this experience with bed bugs would probably bring on the phobia of a lifetime. Being that I already have a bug phobia, insanity seems right around the corner.

I really didn't want to put total blame on the motel but that's where I picked these bugs up and why I was subjected to a home invasion of them. We paid $165.00 for an uncomfortable room and one of the ammenities (spellcheck) was to leave with some of this motel's unwanted guests. So, we're still paying for our 'staycation'.

I'd rather have cockroaches, at least you know they're there.

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