Hyatt Regency Rochester
125 Main St E
Rochester, NY

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I stayed here for a week in July 2015 and woke up each morning with fresh bites. I told the manager while I was there and he inspected the room and couldn't find anything either. Somehow, I kept waking up with bites. Upon returning home, I visited my doctor who confirmed that they were bug bites, not an allergic reaction like the hotel suggested. Some bites were in clusters of 3. I informed the hotel after learning this and was simply told that they were sorry for any inconvenience. Really?

I stayed on October 24th, in room 2401. Twenty four hours later - morning of October 26th there they were: 4 red nodules typical of bed bug bites along my right ankle. Being a physician it was easy to get confirmation from dermatologist colleagues. I threw my suitcase away, got my clothes to the cleaner or into the washer, and hope we do not find our home infested. Frankly the room looked suspicious: Dingy wall pictures, carpet stains, and a dreary feeling of worn out and neglected space. The ma

ttress was sagging on one side, for example, and should have been replaced long ago. Heavy curtains over the windows were dusty and frayed. I am advising the University of Rochester where I had attended a ceremony - my reason for the stay - to shun the place and direct its guests elsewhere.

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Of course they came back to me saying that their "test" results were negative. Yet, I was bitten during my stay at this hotel.

The management has no remorse or concern for their guests. I wasn't offered anything for the huge inconvenience that this stay has cost me. Not even so much as an reimbursement for my stay...which is less than what I had to come out of pocket in getting my apartment inspected and having my clothes all steamed and cleaned.

Will NEVER stay at a Hyatt again.

Stayed here for a wedding from September 21st - 23rd, 2012. When I got home (NYC) I noticed 7 bites along my back. After having had bed bugs 4 years ago, I knew exactly what they were when I saw them. Sure enough, they are the classic "three bites next to each other" clusters that are characteristic of bed bug bites. I had them confirmed by my dermatologist and immediately had a bed bug sniffing dog come to inspect my home. The dog sniffed everywhere and I thought I was crazy for a moment.

Until the dog began scratching at my boyfriend's suitcase. The trainer gave the dog a treat and continued to walk around the apartment, sniffing everything (sofas, beds, closets, etc). We hadn't had a chance to unpack so everything from our stay was in the bag. When the dog walked past the suitcase again, it stopped again, and began to scratch it again. The trainer did this about 4 times before inspecting the suitcase, where he detected the bed bugs/viable eggs.

I am praying that none escaped my suitcase and will appear months later from now in my apartment. It is an absolute nightmare to experience having bed bugs. I am on full paranoid mode and constantly feel like something is crawling on me.

With all of that said, I looked into the Hyatt Regency Rochester only to see that two bed bug reports were filed only 3 months ago. I called the hotel to report this and find out about receiving compensation for the HUGE inconvenience this stay has cost me. The hotel's first response is that they have had no reports on bed bugs and are all clear. They then tell me that they will have the room tested and get to me next week with the results. Of course the they're going to try to deny that they have bed bugs...but my back proves otherwise.

I'm fully prepared to take this up with the Hyatt headquarters if this isn't handled in my favor. A guest should never have endure being feasted on during their vacation in addition to the almost $400 that I've had to spend on having my place inspected and buying a steamer to have all of my clothes rid of whatever came back with me from this hotel.

I hope they do the right thing. A lot of my frustration comes from having the bites and all the money I just had to dish out, but my main frustration is that this hotel doesn't take the reports on their bed bug problem seriously, and as a result all of their guest are going to take the chance of ending up in the wrong room like I did.

TIPS FOR TRAVELERS: Never put your clothes in the hotel room drawers. I guess this was a "Duh" thing for most people, but I have always placed my clothes in the drawers and truly learned my lesson.

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Stayed here May 9th 2012 for a convention. After fully inspecting the room, I thought it was clear. Later that night saw a bug crawling on bed. Went to grab a glass off nightstand to catch and saw another one come out from behind the night table. Called housekeeping who verified the captured bug was a bedbug. Gentleman who came up indicated that there was a breakout in the city and they had several rooms that had been "impacted" on the lower levels. They moved me up to the 15th floor, where I st

ayed up watching TV the rest of the night. I left all of my luggage and clothes there, rather than risk bringing the bugs home with me.

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We spent 3 nights at the Hyatt, 125 E. Main St., Rochester, NY on June 15,16,and 17. At 2 am on Monday, June 18, 2012, my wife awoke with intense itching on her right let (8 - 9 bites),left elbow( 3 bites on inside and 3 bites on outside of elbow) and 1 bite on waist. The incident was reported that morning with the clerk at the check out desk - and she was also shown the bites on her leg.

On Tuesday a voicemail was received from a representative of the hotel saying that there was no indicat

ion of any bedbugs in the room. Of course, they wouldn't acknowledge the presence of bedbugs.It was the bed furthest from the window in room 2204. I took pictures of the bites upon our return home.

David Vaughn

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