Hampton Inn Niagara Falls
501 Rainbow Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY

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I wish I had known about this website before we stayed there! I never thought to look for bed bugs... We stayed 1 night too long on October 26 2013!! My kids got attacked by them. We stayed in room 301 and will never stay there again. We got our money back for the room but brought them home with us. We are paying $3800 to have our house heated up to get rid of them. I don't feel that we should get stuck with this bill but the manager is no help! She, Sarah, was extremely rude. We are seeking leg

al counsel to get this problem solved

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Stayed here on 7/19 - 7/20/12. Received bug bites on my legs. Didn't think much of it until they continued to be red and itchy for many days. Investigated on-line and identified that they looked very similar to bed bug bites. Looked further to find this hotel had problems in the past. When I confronted the management of the hotel, they told me they had problems in the past but not with single bed rooms only in the rooms with two beds.

I don't think the bugs care if there is one or two

beds in the room!

Won't ever stay here again and will definitely check this website before booking hotels in the future.

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I have stayed at this hotel multiple times for business as have many of my colleagues, and none of us have ever encountered a problem at this hotel property with bed bugs.

stayed in room 404 found a bed bug in the room. dealing with expedia....not sure what to do...

Stayed in Room 412 on Friday 11/18/11 mom jumped up and said she felt like something bit her. At first she thought she was imagining it but the second time made her get up. Upon moving sheet we saw a bug moving, I put it in a empty bottle we had in the trash and we looked closer at it under lamp. Moved pillow and saw more on bed gross. Awaken father to get out of bed and we he got up they were on his pillow on the bed. All sizes and visible to the eye on bed pillows and sheet. We call fron

t desk the mgr came up and saw them. At 2:30 in the morning we had to run all our clothes and stuff through dryer and repack and checked out at about 4:30 exhausted and angry. My mom has bites on her head, neck hands and arms. She felt itchy and wanted to cry constantly feeling like something was crawling on her. Needless to say we didn't attend the anniversary party we were in town for. My mom asked the mgr did you know you had bed bugs he said not recently then recanted well I'm new here. Unbelievable! The hotel did refund us, and give us $$ for the dryer and look for other accomodations but none of us trusted staying in another hotel at that point especially one with a lower star rating than the Hampton Inn that didn't have breakfast and cost more so disgusted we drove back home 7 hours exhausted. A wasted weekend time and money wise. I wish I had known they had a previous bed bug incident I would've never had stayed there. Plus the hotel policy should be to pay for you to stay somewhere else with that is discovered at least for 1 night. Disgruntled and grossed out guests.

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We stayed in room 314 on April 1, 2010. Felt itchy when I was in bed and noticed bite on my arm in the night. When we woke up in the morning, there were fresh blood spots on both beds scattered where we had slept. Management looked at it and credited our night stay. They had pest control people in that day according to a recent email from them and found it was a "new infestation" of bed bugs. Not much reassurance to us. We are still scratching and although they put our clothing in the dryer, we

are worried we may have brought bugs back home with us.

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