Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls New York
114 Buffalo Ave
Niagara Falls, NY

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I made sure to check this website and other travel sites to see if anyone had made a bed bug complaint. Nothing was listed so I booked and stayed there last May 2014. As soon as I checked in the first thing I always do is strip the bed and check for bed bugs along the seams of the mattress.

Sure enough, I found a bed bug. I have seen enough pictures to know it was one. I poked at it with a coffee stir stick to see if it was alive and it burrowed into the mattress and then all I could se

e was a tiny black dot (it's rear section sticking out slightly). I also found one whole shed skin on the centre of the mattress and took pictures of it. I called down to reception (odd she didn't seem surprised when I told her I had found a bed bug) and they said they would send the Manager up to check our room. After showing the Manager the tiny black dot (which didn't look like a bed bug at that point) and the shed skin (which did look like a translucent bed bug), he apologized but in the same breath suggested it wasn't a bed bug. He said that at that time of year, they sometimes get bugs from outside that manage to find there way up to higher floors. I explained that I know what they look like and that was indeed a bed bug, as was the shed skin.

Regardless, he offered us a different room. It was almost 11pm and the whole process of the manager coming to our first room and us going to the new room took over an hour. Our kids were exhausted and had to be up at 6am for a competition, so we weren't even going to try to find a different hotel in the middle of the night. After checking the new room thoroughly, it seemed bed bug free, so we stayed there. Just the thought of bed bugs in that hotel had us scratching all night.

In the morning we asked for something to be done for the inconvenience. The front reception told us nothing could be done..but after my friend argued a little, they gave us credit for 1/2 the night's stay.

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