Wellington Hotel
871 7th Ave
New York, NY

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Found bed bugs in my home after staying here back in april... These pesky pests need to be treated at this hotel!

We stayed in room 1138 May 17, 18 & 19. The morning of May 20, 2014 noticed 3 typical bed bug bites on both legs. Bite marks have since been increasing one by one daily. Interestingly, my wife has not been bitten.

Was not impress with the housing assistant staff there when I had issues with bed bedbugs in room 71. I may have been in a rush to get out of there when I notice one on my husbands neck . the hotel was nice but I can't tolerate anything in my bed other than a human.

My Gf and I stayed in room 58. In the height of hurricane Sandy we finally found what is responsible for gf's and my bites!!!! A bed bug crawling in bed. We looked at creases of bed mattresses and cracks in bed and found nothing initially. Called front desk and was moved to another room. I wish we read tripadvisor's review for this hotel initially because it turned out several guests had found bedbugs previously. Now I'm worried we have a passenger with us when we come back home and will infest

my Gf' s and my place too!!! I like the hotel but this sucks as we are forced to pay extra already to extend here in the height of the superstorm.

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Séjour du 17 août au 20 août 2012
Literies infectées de punaises.
Mon fils et moi sommes couverts de boutons, de démangeaisons

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