W New York - Times Square
1567 Broadway
New York, NY

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Stayed one week; Oct 19 - Oct 26, 2012 in room 1022. Did not see any bugs on arrival, but did notice that the room was not well vacuumed during our stay. Got up early in the am on the 26th to catch our plane and saw them. They had just feasted on my mother and the blood literally squirted across the sheets when she killed them. The bites really came out when I got home and I am still itchy. Absolutely disgusted. The room was expensive, but I choose it to avoid bed bug issues. We told the night m

anager and left. I received a phone call from the manager while in transit and emailed him back, but have heard nothing.

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April 25. Bedbug on my clothes. Gross.

We just stayed at the W New York and found it very clean and absolutely no bed bugs! We had 2 rooms and both had no issues. The rooms were a little small for the money you pay as it is an expensive hotel. The beds were super comfortable with nice linnens and pillows too. The only issue was the bathrooms(wasn't a big deal for us though)They lacked privacy somewhat. You couldn't see through the walls but you could sure see the silouette of the person in the bathroom and what they were doing!All in

all a very nice hotel with clean rooms and no bed bugs! This was of most importance to me as many hotels in New York have them (so I've heard)I would most likely stay there again!

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