Vanderbilt YMCA
224 E 47th St
New York, NY

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I stayed at the Vanderbilt on May 31st, 2014. I woke up in the middle of the night with three small insect bites in a cluster on my left forearm, which were pink (later red) and very itchy. Bedbugs. I was given another room. I was very careful not to bring them home, put all my bedclothes in a plastic bag, then in the dryer as soon as I got home, took a shower immediately, but somehow I brought the bugs home with me, and I have been battling them for several months.

The room was also dirt


The man at the desk told me that they hadn't had bedbugs in several years!, but that the manager would call me. He never did.

I have stayed at the Vanderbilt Y for many years when visiting New York, without a problem. Now I am afraid to stay there any more. This caused a big problem for me.

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Stayed here in late May 2013, on the second morning a number of bite marks appeared on my arms. Knowing that I would be staying in a hostel I slept inside a sleeping bag liner, thus was only bitten on exposed parts of my body. Having looked at images of bedbug bites I am extremely confident that the room had bedbugs, additionally the room was very dirty. Do not stay here, the staff were extremely rude and did not take my complaint seriously.

Stayed here for three days in August, 2012 and came home with suspicious bites - I tried to be cautious though at the hostel. We went to extreme measures not to bring them into our apartment, I hope we did a good job...

We stayed at this hostel 2 nights in early August, 2011. During our stay we were completely bitten up by bedbugs. This was not just a couple bedbugs but an entire infestation. The carpet and curtains (great places for bedbugs) looked as if they hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in a long time. We complained to a manager at the hostel, but he just shrug his shoulders and did not even apologize.

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