Pace University
1 Pace Plz, New York, Ny
New York, NY

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Student attended 2 week summer course at PACE and came home with over 75 bug bites. Red/inflamed/ severely itchy. On legs and arms. Took him to a dermatologist and was told they were bed bug bites. Some were infected and he was miserable so the doctor put him on antibiotics. Now we are leaving to go the the beach and he is not supposed to be in the sun w/ the antibiotics.
I called PACE immediately and informed them. Notified the woman in charge of the room assignments for the course and rec'd

a response like "ok, I'll tell housekeeping". Left a message for the director of the program 2 days ago and haven't gotten a call back yet. My child got an email that basically said "sorry."
Very frustrated. This program cost a chunk of change and I never expected him to come home w/ this and have to run him to the doctors, pay the MD bills etc. VERY FRUSTRATED and never got a personal apology

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