Murals on 54 @ the Warwick New York Hotel
65 W 54th St
New York, NY 10019

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I was sitting on my bed and a bug crawled across the bed. I caught the bug with some tissue. I took a photo. Looked up bed bugs and the photo matched. I immediately notified staff. The staff on site that night said it looked like a bed bug. They said they were going to have an exterminator come. They moved us to another room. The next day the two of us in the room both had red bug bites... Ankle, back of leg and back. Notified hotel management. I sent photo of bug to two New York exterminators.

Both confirmed it was a bed bug. Surprisingly, the hotels exterminator said there are no bed bugs. Would not do anything to compensate the cost of replacing suitcases, cleaning of clothes etc.

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