Jumeirah Essex House
160 Central Park S
New York, NY

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Checked in late on Oct 19th for 2 nights. Checked the sheets on the bed and did not notice anything unusual.
Noticed 1 bite on my back after the first night, and at least 2 more bites on my back the second night.

Things were a bit crazy since Hurricane Sandy was coming & we were trying to change our reservations to leave NYC earlier

I will try to contact the hotel and alert them

Stayed at location for an art fair and had a weird, fast moving, bug run out from under my comforter while preparing for bed. It kept me up all night, outweighing the loud double bang Sound of the elevator each time it assended or decended ( you'd think they'd Place someone staying 4+ days in a room that provides sleeping conditions... But apparently, under 45 is undervalued in this hotel). The bug did not look like a bed bug ( I spend 4 hrs on my iPad researching bed bugs afterward) but it was

still really gross!

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We stayed in June of 2011 and looked all around for bedbugs. It's a great hotel and we were happy no say no signs whatsoever of bedbugs.

We stayed there in January 2011 and had no problems at all with bedbugs.

We stayed at the Essex house last weekend for two nights. When we arrived, I did a thorough check of the mattres, bed and room. There were no traces of bedbugs in the room (and, by the way, it was spotless). We had no problems with bedbugs during or after our stay. I researched this hotel before we went to NYC and found them to be very on top of things while we were there. (If any bugs ever get into a hotel, this is the staff you would want to in charge of getting rid of them because they were o

n top of things.) We will gladly stay here again so that I can relax about bedbugs and enjoy the trip.

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