Hotel Pennsylvania Ave
401 7th Ave
New York, NY

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Checked in Oct 4, 2015, Rm. 1373. Saw a bug on sheet after sleeping there one night. Then saw several on the wall between the headboards, all walking to get behind the headboard. Got room changed within 30 minutes, met with head of Housekeeping, Alfredo, the next day after it was confirmed by independent contractor to be bedbugs. Alfredo very accommodating, comped the first night, had all our clothing dry cleaned overnight at a cost of over $600 to them, and reimbursed us for 2 new suitcases and

a backpack ($725). As I was only in town for 3 days, lost a lot of time to logistical issues & trying to get answers from management. Will not recommend this hotel, but appreciate efforts provided by Alfredo. Both rooms old & dirty.

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I checked into the hotel on 11/5 around 10 pm and could not sleep at all because I was been bitten by soemthing.After I while I decided to look for the source and realized that It was bed bugs.I took a picture of the room and the bed bugs.

Filthy hotel and disgusting rooms!! Our sink was lopsided and the manager at the City Perk was very rude. Dont waste your money on this should be condemned by the City of New York. Somebody from the City is getting paid off!! Sue Reinikainen 1 katie court mansfield, Texas June 28 through July 1, 2014

I stayed at this hotel for 8 days 7th - 15th October. My Travel Agent in London secured the deal re plane and accommodation. They have never let me down. So what follows does not relate to them.
I arrived from Wales jet lagged, and did not pay too much attention to the room. In the morning I noticed the wash basin had several serious cracks, all black, which indicates dirt and germs! The plug hole did not function which meant I had to have the tap running whilst I shaved, the shower floor was

in poor condition, and the ceiling had yellow marks, The room itself could do with a lot of TLC, and the furniture was very old and tiered and the TV must have come from a museum. I complained and said the room was disgraceful, and I was upgraded to a better room,in which the restroom toilet would not flush! This was fixed when I complained, after the manager asked me if I wanted someone to fix it!! I said I did not have my plumbing tools with me! I almost said, No I will let it over flow to the 11 floors below me. Also the manager, Alfredo, would not meet with me. So much for customer service. On return to My Home in Wales, I tried to find the CEO's address etc. But all the offices of Executives etc. showed NO DETAILS available of anyone, so the hotel must be run and owned by Alfredo. I would never recommend this hotel again. I also agree, that some of the staff were not that friendly. Mind you I was lucky, no bugs!!

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I'm staying in this hell-hole of a hotel and I woke up this morning COVERED in large, swollen bites from bed-bugs. I reported this to the management and they moved me to a new room upstairs but now I'm paranoid that my clothing and luggage are also infested. When I asked them if they had a laundry service to neutralise that possibility, I was informed that they don't have an in-house laundry and that I should take my clothing down the street myself to a laundry facility on 34th and 8th Ave!!!!


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I'm staying in this hell-hole of a hotel and I woke up this morning COVERED in large, swollen bites from bed-bugs. I reported this to the management and they moved me to a new room upstairs but now I'm paranoid that my clothing and luggage are also infested. When I asked them if they had a laundry service to neutralise that possibility, I was informed that they don't have an in-house laundry and that I should take my clothing down the street myself to a laundry facility on 34th and 8th Ave!!!!


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I arrived in this hotel to stay four nights. The first night i got bitten several times by bedbugs. My room got changes the following day for a same one on another floor. No bed buggs there but also very shabby . I reported it to The receptionist And had to go to the security to report this? My skin is al swollen with bites! Disgusting.

Stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania for 3 nights for a conference Oct 12-14, 2012. Unfortunately came home with severe bed bug bites. Room smelled heavily of disinfectant - but in retrospect, it might have been pesticide. Otherwise, not very clean. Follow up phone calls not helpful.Would not recommend.

Stayed here October 2012
Got bitten
Hotel is disgusting!

Stayed here the first weekend of July. First the staff was very rude at the desk and didnt even make eye contact when checking us in.

When we got to the room it smelled horrible. The bathroom was covered in hair. We saw bugs in a corner of the room and then checked the carpet. We left right away. Bags sent to cleaners.

Saw a bug that looked like a tick crawling across the bed. Picked it up and it squished lots of blood as i squeezed it. Feeding on me no doubt. Matched it online to a picture of a mature bed bug. The hotel moved us to another room. We'll have to quarantine all of our clothes and luggage when we return home.

We stayed from 6/15 to 6/18 of 2012.

This hotel is notorious for bed bugs. I stayed one night in May, 2012 lured by a low rate. I paid several hundred more in medical any pharmacy expenses and tossed all my clothes and luggage. Don't be cheap. Everyone that stays here, including me in May, has the insatiable urge to pay the lowest room rate in Manhattan. You're just cheap. Admit it. Never again.

Arrived on 5/14. First thing I did when I saw the state of the room was put my bags in the tub. Then did a thorough search of the bed and found several bed bugs under the seam of the mattress by the headboard. Notified hotel management that I found bed bugs and would be finding new accommodations that evening. Staff informed me that they were still going to charge me $300 for the night. After two hours of disputing that charge with the insanely rude hotel management, they "cut me a break" and on

ly charged me $150. Totally outrageous. The dispute is now in the hands of my credit card company. Just thankful I didn't stay the evening in this totally disgusting hotel and get bed bugs.

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i stayes at this hotel in feb 2012 and there was a huge cockaroach in the bathroom i took a picture with my phone and showed it to the front dest they then got the manager she was not suprised a matter afact she asked me with an attitude what did i want her to so about it and she stated that was not her fault or problem because she is not house i got a difrent room this was on the 2nd floor cant quite rember what room number....NOT RECOMNED


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As a doctor, having stayed only one day in this Hotel I also experienced multiple extremely itchy bites over my legs so it might be a good idea to consider another one and check out the mattress, the rug and basically everything before you get your shut eye.

i first stayed in room 754 and its was so horrible and dirty that after 2 days i asked to move. people next door were smoking and partying all night long.
After telling reception about the dripping shower all night long, the dirty carpets , the light bolb coming out of the lamp...and broken beds,lady at reception wasnt really worried about my complains so she put me in a new room 720A that at first seemed nice and clean , until the last night i saw a bed bug on the floor and my body full of bit

es , legs, neck , face, arms and butt.
Came back home and when opened the suitcase a bed bug came out of it , and 2 days later i had to get pest control to clean my all flat.
Never again in my life will i stay in this hotel.

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Checked into room 702A after waiting over 90 minutes in a line that wasn't nearly long enough to justify how slowly it moved. I found a bedbug within seconds after entering the room. The "manager" did not seem to be concerned or surprised. Had to put a hold on the credit card to stop the charge.

4/20-21/11 room 1441 . Woke middle of night itching, bed bug bites all over - wrist, back, butt and legs.
Also bare wires, uncovered outlets, light not working. Worst scalding/freezing shower. Old hairpins on floor .

We checked into the hotel on March 4th and were given room 789 upon opening the door we were shocked. It was disgusting worst hotel room I have ever seen. My wife immediately started to cry, I returned to the front desk and demanded another room. This room was not much better and I am no expert but I can be almost positive that the black beady things were bed bug larvae. We went to Kmart which is just around the corner and purchased a tarp and king size sheet which we tucked in tight and that is

how we laid all weekend( NO SLEEP )We will never go back there or recommend this hotel to anyone.

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Three colleagues of mine as well as myself were going to a conference for NP's in Feb, 2011. We found bed bugs in one of our rooms and were asked to re-locate but we refused as the chances of finding more would have been high.

My colleagues got all their money back, but myself and the other colleague had to pay for ours. The irony of it all is that we all stayed in each other's rooms, but b/c they didn't find anything in our room it wasn't enough evidence.

The other irony about all of th

is is that the speaker for our conference is a Health Care Professional (NP) and KNEW about the bed bugs and continued to have her conferences there! Not only did we spend money to travel to NYC, but we paid for the bug bites too!

I would NEVER go back to NYC after this incident! I'm so proud to be Canadian!

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I've stayed at this hotel several times including as recent as Nov 2010 and have never seen a bed bug. It's an older hotel, but good for the price. The only problems are cosmetic in the hallways...maybe some fresh paint would help. But the rooms are bed bugs seen and I was looking. Good location and friendly housekeeping staff.

The hotel was recommend to us by friends. Unfortunately it was super cheap which set off alarm bells. Well upon checking in we checked the bed and sure enough there were bed bugs. I took a picture with my iPhone and went to check out! The guy said he couldn't print a reciept and I wouldn't leave without one- so he went back to the manager and he came out with it magically! Crappy place is gross. We decided to sleep and wait for train in Penn Station.

November 11,2010

My son checked in there today knowing full well of bedbug reports for this hotel.He even spoke with them prior to their arrival about the bedbug reports. Their response was that it happened a couple of months ago and is no longer a problem. However, he is with a college group and had no choice but to stay there. Believe me, we wanted him to stay somewhere else!

Armed with a wallet placard on bedbugs from Cornell


and way too much bedbug advice from Mom, it was no problem spotting the signs of them in his first hotel room.Considering the room was on the Club floor he said the room was disgusting! He reported his findings to the desk and was moved to a room on the same floor which was much nicer than the first. They were vigilant in looking for bedbugs in the next room and could not find any sign of them. Nonetheless, they have put their luggage in black garbage bags (which they brought with them knowing the extreme bedbug presence at this hotel)and put them in the bathtub.

Everyone should print a copy of the wallet placard on bedbugs and carry it with them when they travel.

Stay tuned I will get room numbers.

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We stayed in room 877 for 3 days, 29th of september 2010 until 2nd october and the last day my fiance discovered red spots on his wrist. We're from Sweden, and bedbus are really rare for us (it only appears because we bring it in from other countries as we travel more in modern time) so we didn't know what is was until we got home and he went to a doctor after his bites got worse. We now fear that we have brought them home. I recommend that you choose another hotel, and look for blood on the she

ets before you unpack att your hotel. I found out that bedbugs are very common in New York and the little bugs are really hard to get rid of!

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On Saturday September 25 me and friend checked in to hotel were placed on the 7th floor in room 745 as look around a horrible room couldn't found a bed bug lying on pillow dead requested for manager to come to room they refused and sent head of house keeping to room to verify then asked to switch us to another room and issue refund every hotel in nyc was sold out.... so they switched our room where they put us in a room that was just about as bad minus the bed bugs we found hair on pillow, loose

live wires and rusty walls and floor boreds. which i recorded on my phone also took pictures of bed bug worst stay in nyc ever felt like the out of towners

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10th August 2010, room on 14th floor, my girlfriend and I stayed one night and she woke with bites which quickly swelled and itched in the morning. We then stayed with friends in Boston and were ok, but then returned to a different NY hotel and again received bites as well as found an actual bug in the bed, which when killed was full of blood...

Our family stayed in room 780 from July 15 to July 19, 2010. On July 22, we noticed strange bugs in the room we brought our luggage into. I caught one and identified as a bedbug on the internet. The exterminator confirmed. Very expensive hotel stay now my house has to be exterminated.

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