Hostel Fresh
330 W 95th St
New York, NY 10025-6101

Found 2 reports:

August 20 2010

Me and my girlfriend stayed a few days at this hostel. We didn't realize we were being bitten by bedbugs until after two days... We ran away as quickly as we could.
We found two bed bugs in our bag - washed and sprayed everything with a nasty bug spray. Fortunately we got rid of them.

Me and my girl friend lived in this hostel for 3 days, during which we saw and killed 2 bedbugs in bed. after we left that hostel, we found bug bites on our arms and legs, quite possibly because there are bedbugs that are brought back by our suitcase from the hostel to our home.

We are still trying to get rid of them after so many days...

Date: Dec 24th till 26th, 2010

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