Dream Hotel
210 W 55th St
New York, NY

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I had an adult bed bug crawling across my sock tonight. I confirmed from online photos. Disgusting!!!!

I have stayed in this hotel over 100 times in the past few years. I have NEVER had a problem with bed bugs. During September through May, I am here every 3 weeks for a few nights stay. If the hotel had bed bugs, I am sure I would have picked them up. I am also always in a different room. Great hotel btw, and the restaurant is the best. Great location.

I stayed for two nights in Sep 2011 and have bite marks that are consistent with bed bugs.

Note to readers: since most people wouldn't bother to report that there were "no bedbugs" at a hotel, beware when reading "positive" reports that it's likely the hotel posting a comment to encourage reservations and business.

Hotels: please don't abuse this registry. Bedbugs are a SERIOUS scourge and one that people should stear clear of if at all possible.

Bedbug sniffing dogs are the best way to find the bugs and you (hotel owners and managers) should invest in that service on a regu

lar basis if you've ever had an infestation, rather than trying to dupe people into not avoiding your hotel. Even if some guests do have a good, bedbug-free experience you should still do everything in your power to eradicate them from the one or two rooms that are infected.

Thank you from a former hotel bedbug victim who spent a fortune to clean up the aftermath...

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Stayed here May 19-23 2011 and there were no bugs! I checked every where before I would even put my luggage down. No worries.

I stayed in this hotel for 3 nights at the end of April 2011, and had no problems with bed bugs. I stayed in a room on the 5th floor and did not get any bites nor see any evidence of bugs.

I spent the weekend of 16/17 October 2010 in the Dream Hotel and can report that it was a bug free trip for me. No bites. Garbage truck in the street was my noise problem and somebody smoking on the same floor was my problem. No bed bugs.

My husband stayed in the Dream Hotel the second week in June of 2010. He came home with bites on his legs. He did not go to the doctor for confirmation but upon further research, we found that the bites were consistent with bed bug bites.

It is best to remember to keep all luggage from the floor--placing luggage on a rack with smooth surfaces. Bed bugs don't like to climb on smooth surfaces. Remember to check for bedbugs prior to crawling in between the sheets. There are videos on line that a

re quite detailed on the subject. Bed bugs are very hardy and not to be under estimated.

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I stayed at the Dream Hotel from May 27 through May 30, 2010. In the afternoon of Sunday, May 30, 2010 after I checked out of the hotel, I began to scratch my legs and noticed they were covered in extremely itchy bug bites. On June 1, 2010 the bug bites became inflamed and the discomfort increased. I began to research what the symptoms of bed bugs bites are and determined that bed bugs were the cause of my discomfort. In addition, my research led me to various articles documenting the curren

t bed bug epidemic in New York City, including at some of the most upscale hotels. I went to my Doctor on June 2, 2010 who confirmed me the bites on my legs were consistent with bed bug bites. I called the hotel and asked for a complete refund which they refused to do. In fact, they claimed that I must have got them on the plane or from another source. Further to my research, I have had to spend 2 days off work washing all my clothes, throwing away my suitcase, and coping with the notion that if I brought back even 1 bed bug to my home, an infestation could occur in the near future. There is no way to tell if I have transported the bed bugs back with me. I am asking the BBB to assist me in getting a full refund from the hotel as soon as possible. I have asked my credit card company to dispute the hotel room charge. This issue ruined my vacation and has caused me emotional distress for the last several days. I understand that the hotel believes they have no bed bugs; however, it is highly unlikely I got these bites from another source according to my Doctor. I would think as a professional courtesy the hotel would refund my money so that they can take care of the problem without any negative press. However, I intend to pursue all legal avenues to get my money back, as this refusal to refund me is completely unacceptable. Paying over $1000 for the weekend only to leave with bed bug bites all over me is not something I am willing to accept. I can provide documentation and photos as evidence.

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