Days Inn New York
215 W 94th St
New York, NY

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Stayed in this hotel for three nights in April 2013. Booked to seperate rooms, no one in our party had problems with bugs. Beds, carpets, towels were cleadn. would stay here again no doubt

The place was fine. Clean. Staff could be improved but they didn't bite.

Stayed at the Days Inn Broadway from 10/07/11 til 10/11/11 in Room signs of bedbugs on the mattress or linens and no bites to myself or my wife...the problem may be solved. Having had a really bad go with them in Indonesia in the early 90's and again at the Quality Inn Airport in Buffalo, I know the horrible suffering these little buggers can create.

I ended up bringing those little suckers home from here. Do NOT stay here.

Stayed here in May of 2009. The bedbugs came home with us. We are still getting rid of them.

One way to get rid of the bed bugs is to cover your mattress in vinyl package. Don't skimp -- avoid the one that only covers the top (the bugs will crawl out). Cover the entire mattress, they will eventually asphyxiate.

Also, make it a habit to throw in the bedsheets into the dryer early in the morning and if possible, before you go to bed. The first will take care of those that crawled out in the

night. Turn the bedsheets over and see the carcasses of the dead bugs

Vinyl takes care of closing the source and the dryer will take care of killing those outside. Eventually, you will be free.

The hotel is a piece of crap anyway. The security chief there is out of control. He woke us at 2 AM in the morning and asked us to keep quiet, when we had been sleeping all the while! Staff later on explained that the security guy does it because there have been serious problems with security. Apparently, he has free rein. Complain and you will get a refund from the manager.

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Stayed at the Days Inn Broadway in July of 2009 and woke up in the middle of the night with welts on my arm. The bed was full of bedbugs and I could still see them when the lights were turned on. Hotel was very dirty to begin with, so I would not recommend staying here.

The problem is still there... Stayed there a couple months ago - got bitten to pieces. Though I tried to be careful, I ended up bringing them home... Now spending a fortune dealing with it. STAY AWAY

I stayed at the Days Inn in Manhattan NYC on 215 West 94th Street New York, NY 10025 in March 2008. I was so bitten up by bedbugs I required medical care. If I recall properly it was room 505. I had to dry clean all my clothing to the tune of 300.00 and buy a new suitcase, and new shoes before returning home. When I complained to their credit they did pick up the hotel but not my doctor bill. I endured weeks of pain and itching due to a severe allergic reaction to the bites.

if there are no bed bugs why are 60 mattress lying in dumpster as of 2/2008?

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