Bowery's Whitehouse Hostel
340 Bowery
New York, NY 10012-2414

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I was scheduled to stay at this place for two nights, I was there literally, 10 hours.. I went to the lounge downstairs in the early morning and sat on the couch while waiting for a black car. Literally, 10 mins, I had 2 full grown adults crawl on me and one bit me on the neck, freaking out, I didn't know what it was and found out it was bed bugs and immediately checked out.. And lucky me (NOT!), when I got home, 3 weeks later, little eggs had hatched and they apparently had traveled on my lugga

ge and the same type of bug, much smaller though, 3 were in my bed and 2 actually on my arm! This was a nightmare for two months afterwards. DO NOT STAY HERE!

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I have stayed at the Whitehouse Hotel probably 75 nights between Oct 2011 to June 2013. I have never seen a single bed bug in this time, or any other bug. So I am quite surprized to see this. They clean everyday.

I work in Rio de Janeiro now, but when I got back to NY I will stay at the Whitehouse Hostel. Here's my cell phone in Rio for anyone who wants to call me for verification - +55 21 9366 5828

I will not mention room numbers, but, I will say that this was during the time frame of about a week ago (and, today is 12 November 2013). This "hotel" has bedbugs on probably every floor. I do know they have problems with bedbugs definitely on the second and fourth floors. It was my understanding that the third floor was currently being renovated or something (I would not doubt if they are handling a bedbug issue on that floor).
Anyway, I was fortunate, I saw a couple and was able to get ou

t of that "room".
YOU SHOULD BE VERY, VERY CAUTIOUS if you stay in this place. They staff does not seem to be too f*&king concerned about the issue. But, it is really a serious issue. I have stayed here before because of the price, etc. But, I will now probably seek other options.

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Date 18-20 October 2013
My friend and I stayed in the hostel Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday she had a single bedbug bite on her thumb, and found a bug in the bed. The desk clerk was rude about a different issue so we did not push things about the bedbugs. After the second and final night in the "room", she woke up with 40+ bedbug bites all over her face, neck and body and had to go to the emergency room as she couldn't move her neck! This was in Room 406.

we spent 4 nights in this hostel :
the last day I discovered I have been bittenn on my feet, but I did not know what was the origin.
The day after we left New-York I discovered more and more stings on my feet, hands legs. I asked to a pharmacy and they told me it is because of bedbugs.
It was 8 days ago and stings still hurt me a lot, a nightmare !
We are sure that stings come from the hostel because we saw small brown stains on our pillow...

We arrived on August 20th into room 217 and I noticed getting bitten while reading a book. When I looked what caused the biting I found a bedbug on the bed. The receptionist said it was the first report since last January and assured me there were not goong to be any bedbugs in room 223. When I mobes in there I checked the bed and immediately found a bedbug. The receptionist said that I'd probabely took them with me myself!! As it was 2AM already I couldn't go to another place yet, so I just sle

pt in the lobby and left next morning. They refunded my last 2 nights.

It's an okay place, but the bedbugs are horrible. Don't stay here!!!

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I stayed for 2 nights at the Bowery Whitehouse on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th August 2013. I've stayed in hotels on every continent and I've never experienced anything like this. Its 4 days since my visit ended and I'm COVERED in hundreds of bed bug bites.

Although the Bowery was relatively cheap accommodation for New York, I've had to spend a small fortune on creams to alleviate the itching.

Worst hotel I'v ever been to. Poor service, filthy washrooms and no ceiling on the rooms. Its m

ore like a halfway house for the homeless.

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Stayed here for two nights (08/10/2013-08/12/2013 and I am covered in bedbug bites on my back, arms and legs. I couldn't find any bugs right away but after lifting up the sheets from the mattress there were a lot of these bugs everywhere! Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable! I shudder to think of what else is going wrong in this pit!

Please do something about this because these people should not be in business and completely shut down!

July 6, 2013

I stayed here for two nights and after the first night I did feel a little itchy during the day but I assumed it was mosquito bites from walking around the city. I woke up in the second night though from itching my right arm and checked the sheets and sure enough bugs were crawling around so I got out of there asap. When I told the man at the front desk he barely reacted so I don't think this came as a shock to anyone. Over the next two days more marks appeared and I am covered i

n bites. My right arm and lower back are the worst but they're on my neck and legs as well. I know the place is cheap but it is absolutely not worth it for the hassle you may have with the bites afterwards. I did check the mattress when I first arrived and saw no traces so I wouldn't feel any better about it even if you saw no evidence of them. I see from posting this there are reports from the previous two years as well which suggests to me this is a problem they haven't taken seriously at all.

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Nov 10, 2012
When we arrived at the Bowerey Whitehouse, we enquired if there had been any recent bed bug activity. The girl at reception said no. We checked the bed in room 203 and could not find evidence of bed bugs. We left our luggage and went out for the evening. When we returned around 2 am, we saw one bug on our bed. We collected the bug and took it reception. The guy working at that time said it "may not be a bed bug", but he suggested moving us to a room on the fourth floor. We asked hi

m to contact other nearby hotels to see if we could move hotels rather, but everything was booked up. So we went to room 406. We slept, but around 4 am, we awoke, itchty, and when we turned on the light there were 20-30 bugs crawling all over the bed. My wrists, ankles, back and leg are covered in swollen, itchy red spots. I have bits on my face near my eye and cheek.
This place flat out lied to us and deserves to be shut down!

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i got bed bug bites all over my body after one night's!!

When I got to nyc this was probably the cheapest option to stay for couple of days, so I checked in and the first thing I did was checking the sheets and wasnt a sign of those pests. So i took a nap and woke up after a couple of hours I switched the light on and there was about ten bugs crawling on the sheet. I found countless bites all over my body, that was a really bad experience, if you are aware of that avoid this place.

I stayed in this hostel two nights in a single room when I first got to NYC. A week later a ton of bites showed up on all over my ankles and wrists. And I went to the doctor and he confirmed it was bedbugs. I called to complain to the hostel and every time someone answered the phone and I told them what I was calling about their response was always "Oh okay" as if it was nothing new. I would freak out if I knew I was working in a place with bedbugs!

I was supposed to stay here for new years of 2011. Not only had it been under construction for a remodel for the three years since my friend had stayed there but other nasty surprises awaited. My friend and I checked in and checked the sheets for bugs, seeing none. We crawled in and took a nap for a couple hours only to wake up with bugs everywhere! We had forgotten to check the extra blanket at the foot of the bed, which was crawling with large blood filled bugs. Luckily we did get our money re

funded as "no bugs had ever been seen before" but it was kind of telling that we didn't see anyone besides the deskman in the 7 hours of our stay nor as we hauled our luggage past the first two floors of construction to the bug ridden third floor.

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