107 Street Hotel Corporation
237 W 107th St
New York, NY

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Location:West Side Inn Hotel & Hostel
237 W 107th St
New York, NY 10025

Date :Aug.17,2009-Aug.21,2009

I stayed in this hotel for 4 days I was on the third floor but I don't remember the room number.I didn't know it was infected with bed bugs.Not until I returned back home.When I stayed in the hotel I didn't see any bites on my legs and I didn't see any bed bugs around the bed either at night.After I came back home.The next day is when I saw many red bites on my legs I was consta

ntly scratching.I got an allergic reaction cause of the bites.I was worried so I searched online and I found out it was bed bug bites.I cleaned my room and I follow the steps how to get rid of them and so on I still need to do more cleaning because I think my room still infected.This the worse experienced I have ever had in my life.

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I stayed at the West Side Inn Hostel & Hotel (237 West 107th Street) on July 2009. Unfortunately, there were some unexpected guests (bedbugs)staying in my room. I have an allergic reaction to their bites and that's how I noticed there were bedbugs at this hostel

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