Hilton Garden Inn Nanuet
270 W Route 59
Nanuet, NY

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Sept. 18, 2013

So I checked the hotel room and took all the usual precautions--didn't put the luggage on or near the bed, pulled back the covers and inspected the pillows, looked at the mattress seams and headboard--and saw nothing. But I still felt uneasy with the idea all night, so I kept the light on, because I read bedbugs don't like light.

I was right to worry. As soon as I turned off the light, before I had even gotten back in bed: there was an (unfed) bedbug skittering across my pil

low. I caught it in a cup and brought it to the front desk.

The overnight staff member was profusely apologetic and said they'd never encountered a problem before this. She comped the room, but all other rooms were sold out, as were the rooms of the hotel next door. Needless to say, I didn't sleep or even sit down in my room after that.

The general manager also called me later that day. She told me that the overnight staff member had kept the bug I caught as proof, and offered me more HH points and said they were stripping the room.

I appreciated the reaction of the hotel's staff, but I still feel terribly uncomfortable. I didn't find bites or blood spots, and I inspected all my belongings, but I still insisted on decontaminating them... And I stayed over for business, so the loss of sleep was particularly stressful.

I'd heard that bedbugs were a nuisance in NY. But I've traveled quite a bit and this is my first encounter.

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