Marriott Melville Long Island
1350 Walt Whitman Rd
Melville, NY

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Great Hotel - have never had a problem with bed bugs during my stays

This is going to be a very different type of review from most others you'll probably see on the Bedbug Registry. It's very important that EVERYONE submits a report whether you experience Bed Bugs or not. I'm taking the time to help you, please do the same in the future for others. This is for any hotel you visit!

We had a terrible experience with Bed Bugs in our home last year so believe me when I tell you this web site is important. I learned a lot about their habits and hiding locations. Ne

edless to say I went into the Melville Marriott ready to take the place apart (and that's what I did). I literally dismantled both beds, headboards, drawers, and anything else I could find. This took me about an hour. I learned from two of the most renowned Bed Bug experts in the world how to inspect a hotel room. While I was pretty tired after this ordeal I was glad to have done it. I can report that I did not find any evidence of Bed Bugs whatsoever. This allowed me to relax especially since we were there for an extended stay. We stayed on the fourth floor in February 2012. Good Luck!

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My Family and I stayed there during hurricane Irene. The staff was very friendly and the hotel was extremely clean. No incidences of bed bugs.

Woke up this morning to find one - still crawling - on the bed.

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