Jackson Hotel
405 E Broadway
Long Beach, NY

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NO bed bugs on our visit! I had to write in to say that we just returned from a lovely weekend at the Jackson Hotel.(Sept 26 08). New mattresses, linens, fresh paint, and clean bathrooms. Not a bug in sight! In New York yet!
The owner and staff were so wonderful and courteous to all the guests.It's not the fanciest hotel in New York, but certainly extremely reasonably priced for a wonderful getaway by the beach.

This happened back in late July of 2007...I had forgotten the name of the hotel, but when I clicked on the Jackson's web site, I recognized the lobby immediately.

So back in July, my boyfriend and I decided to drive out to Long Beach for the weekend, and he booked a room at the Jackson Hotel. He claims he did because it was the only one that had a room, but I think it was because they charged only $100 a night.

We got in pretty late, and as we were heading up to our room my heart was sinki

ng - the walls were dingy, and the carpets were extremely stained, it looked like a dog took a heaping crap on every other square foot in the place. We got into the room...gross. Shabby. Tattered. It looked like the inside of a stable with a coat of white paint, curtains with burn holes in them, lampshades that were brittle and peeling apart. It's atrocious that anyone would think those conditions were appropriate to charge human beings to sleep in.

But then the kicker - I saw half a dozen of bugs crawling across the floor. I had never seen a cock roach before, so I pointed them out to my boyfriend, and he said, "Oh those are just cock roaches." JUST COCK ROACHES??? But no, he was just as horrified, but trying to be nonchalant because he was embarrassed he had booked a room in such a horrible place.

We went back down to the lobby, told the clerk about the roaches, and he gave us our money back, no questions asked.

It was the most disgusting hotel I've ever been in in my life, and I was there for all of 10 minutes. I don't know if it manages to stay open because it rents out rooms on the cheap, but you'd have to be desperate to spend the night there. So be warned, do not stay at the Jackson Hotel!!

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