Econo Lodge Lake Placid
Cascade Rd
Lake Placid, NY

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Hve stayed at the Econo Lodge Lake Placid for over 20 years, and although it has gone a bit downhill, this was a shcok.
I stayed last weeked ( 9/25/15) and came home with over 50 bed bug bites. I called the hotel immediately upon realizing and the front desk clerk said they would close off the room.
The next morning I spoke with the manager, who stated that they had not had a problem in over a year. She also stated they would not be calling a professional, as they already owned a machine whiv

h would heat the room to 150 degrees for 3 hours. Only if the problem persisted would they call in someone.She also stated she would not be treating the adjacent rooms.
She expresed concern over my bites and the trouble and expense I would have to (hopefully!) not infest my own home with bed bugs. She however, did NOT offer any compensation.

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