Comfort Inn Jamestown
2800 N Main Street Ext
Jamestown, NY

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July 2015 - Room appeared clean, but smelled very musty during our stay. We did not physically see any bed bugs, but during our visit, I developed an itchy clustered rash above my ear. Once home, a couple days later, I began feeling itching at places on my face, eventually noticing what looked like bites in a line at my waist and on my eyebrows. I initially thought I might have gotten into chiggers from our rural outing while there. I went to the doctor who diagnosed it as dermatitis. I was g

iven cream, but the rash began popping up inside my elbows, on my head, back, and extremities. The rash appears as very tiny bites and clusters in random areas, extremely itchy, and welting up in some areas...fitting the description, timing, and location of a bed bug bite reaction, which I finally realized must be the issue. This also explains the musty smell in our room. This is an older and only cosmetically updated hotel. I thought about contacting them, but they might deny finding any evidence of an infestation in the room we stayed.

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08-20-13 found bed bug when I pulled back the sheets

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