Comfort Inn Glenmont
37 Route 9w
Glenmont, NY

Found 3 reports:

My family stayed there recently. We stayed on the second floor around room 207. There are rooms that have bugs.Reported to the front desk. Matt the GM did not do anything about it, no apology at all.No money was taken off my bill. I overheard Matt talking to the front desk and he said, That there are rooms in smoking section on the first floor that has bed bugs to. The hotel is disgusting. I would never ecommend this hotel to anone.

July 23 2012 I always look for bed bugs in hotels when I travel, I didnt see anything at first and then out of the corner of my eye I see a bed bug around the pillow, I scream so loud I scared my husband, we call the hotel manager he saw it killed the bed bug and move us to another room, after I checked the new room I saw the mattress have brown small stains which confirms bed bug was there at some point,so we check out and left never heard back from anyone from the hotel or received an apology

, we will never stay there again.

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Ground floor, room 121 and probably around there as well. When talking to woman at desk in the evening she informed me that this wasn't the first time this had happened. Woke with several bites. informed desk but never heard anything back after we checked out.

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