The Garden City Hotel
45 7th St
Garden City, NY

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Was in NY for a funeral with my handicapped
Mom. We got there at 10 pm and went right to bed. Mom kept waking up, finally at 4:30 she was hysterical trying to get off the bed. I turned on the light and saw two bedbugs. I called the front desk. They moved us - I asked for alcohol (rubbing) to wipe my belongings and for ziplock bags for my things. They said they did not have these and I cd go to a drug store. I had no car and a hysterical handicap 95 year old.
I cd not wait for my famil

y to wake to get us, I called an Uber. They said they wd not charge for my room. Now I have thrown away my sneakers, suit case, brush and other items. There was laundry by the church and I washed and dried what I cd. Tomorrow I ll be our the cost of dry cleaning everything and I don’t know what I can do about my purse...

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Saturday July 19 ,2014
Had a lovely stay. Was there for one night. Now, almost a
month later, my house now has to be treated for bed bugs. The hotel was the only place I've been in 5 years.

On December 5th I was traveling on Long Island for work. The hotels that I normally stay at we're booked because of the storm Sandy. The only hotel I could find on the island was The Garden City Hotel. After checking in I was laying on the bed working on my compur when I noticed something red on the pillow. Upon further inspection I noticed it was a bug. I immediately got up and noticed many red bugs. Called down to the front desk and they moved,e to a different room(a smoking room) . Not to hap

py about that!!! Left the hotel with a refund. I will not go back.

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