Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel
13520 39th Ave
Flushing, NY

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I was here for a conference. I brought a speaker to this hotel. We were in separate rooms on different floors. I woke up with bites after the first morning and asked them to change the sheets. I had numerous bites on my arms. I had to throw away all my clothes and luggage, plus buy a $400 cream! The speaker, on the other hand, had over 30 bites on her back! After 2 steroid shots, she is still fighting the itch! I am embarrassed to have taken her to this hotel on such a professional trip! DO NOT


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The resurgence of bed bugs in North America over the last five years is a widely recognized problem. This problem has not only affected the hotel industry, but hospitals, college dormitories, private homes and apartment buildings as well as department stores and movie theaters.

The Sheraton LaGuardia Hotel takes bed bug issues very seriously. The care and comfort of our guests and associates are of the utmost priority and we proactively take measures to ensure the quality of each guests stay

and associates work day. We mandate an aggressive pest elimination policy to address this problem. This protocol includes regularly scheduled professional inspections and if necessary eradication. Any room suspected of possible bed bug activity will be quarantined and remains quarantined until a thorough inspection by professionals is conducted. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with the anonymous author of the posting listed above.
The more details I can get the better I am able to follow up if there is an issue. I can be reached at [email protected]

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After several days stay at this hotel I was moved to a room on the 16th floor due to an oversold condition. Not only did the room reek of cigarette smoke and have short-circuiting bathroom light; but I awoke with numerous (30+) insect bites. Inspection of my bed yielded three bedbugs and more than ten fleas.

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