Hampton Inn Syracuse I90
6605 Old Collamer Rd
East Syracuse, NY 13057-1271

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Room #217

On August 20, 2009 at approximately 2:30AM upon returning to bed after using the bathroom, I saw blood smears on the sheets of my bed. Taking a closer look, I saw tiny black spots moving over the sheets and realized they were bugs. I poked one of them which added another blood smear to the sheets on the bed.

My first suspicion was they were bedbugs. I scooped up a sample in the envelope that held the keycard to my room and went to speak with the night desk clerk.

He denied t

hey were bedbugs, but did not know what they were, and offered to give me another room. I considered accepting the new room, but I decided not to stay in the hotel any longer. I was too disturbed by the experience to go back to sleep.

After driving two and a half-hours in the early morning hours,I returned to my home town in Buffalo where I contacted an entomologist with the New York State Health Department.

The entomologist examined the sample of bugs and confirmed them to be bedbugs, specifically Cimex lectularius(order Hemiptera, family Cimicidae). He was also able to determine what nymphal stage they were in before molting to their adult stage of life.

He reassured me that bedbugs do not transmit disease, but also cautioned me that I may have brought them home with me on clothing or in luggage and advised me as to methods to prevent further spread.

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