Doubletree Hotel Syracuse
6301 Route 298
East Syracuse, NY 13057

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Monday Sept 14, 2015 I stayed at the DoubleTree in room 745, at the address: 6301 State Route 298
East Syracuse, New York, 13057. I saw a dot of blood on a pillow before I went to bed, but didn't think anything more of it. I went to bed at 11 pm in one of the queen beds. I woke up at 11:30 pm because I had a headache. I got up to take something for it. I went back to bed and saw what looked like a red scaly beetle running around the bed on top of the mattress. I thought what the hell is t

hat, grabbed my phone and killed it by smacking it with my phone. After killing what I thought was a beetle I saw blood come out of its body. I started to freak out. I looked up on my phone what a bed bug looks like and it matched perfectly appearance wise. I then walked down to the front desk and told them. I also noticed I had two pucture holes right next to eachother on the top of my left foot. I was really freaking out at this point. The hotel sent security up and he confirmed that I had in fact killed a bed bug. I then insisted the hotel clean all my clothes and belongings. They gave me bags to put everything in. Double Tree said I would get my stuff back first thing in the morning and moved me to a new room 320. I wasn't sure how I would get all my stuff cleaned by the dry cleaner overnight but they seemed convinced. Here I am in room 320. If is past midnight. I have no clothes or luggage, just my work computer and a few books. I could not face going to sleep in this rooms double beds. I tear off the top sheets off the beds after inspecting the box spring and mattress and go to bed in the bathtub. I managed to get about 2 hours sleep. Later that morning at 7 am I ask if Double Tree got my clothes back from the dry cleaner. They say no. I won't get them back until later around 8 pm in the evening. I break down at this point in floods of tears and ask them how I am going to get to a customer site I am supposed to be at if I have no clothes or shoes. The lady at the front desk finally says she will send someone up to talk to me. Another security person comes up and he says they can do a fast clean of my clothes by the dry cleaning company in just an hour of what I need to get to the customer site. An hour later I get my shoes back, my backpack back and an outfit to wear. The Double Tree says my clothes and shoes were put through a drier on high for 30 minutes. I later call the dry cleaning company they sent the rest of clothes and belongings off to, to confirm this and they said they don't do an hours service and that the DoubleTree must have put my clothes through the drier at the hotel. I do get my remaining clothes and belongings back later that evening around 9 pm. This stuff has all been cleaned by the dry cleaner since it is all on hangers and ironed (apart from my luggage which is in bags). Double Tree when dropping my clean clothes off at the new hotel I am staying at tells me that they could find no more bed bugs in the room. And the room was clean. Personally I think that is a load of BS. And the more I read on bed bugs the more I realize that they tend to live in groups. And they can live pretty much anywhere! This whole experience was horrible. I did however not get charged for my stay at DoubleTree. I am now home and I am rewashing all my clothes and going to re steam clean my luggage. The other Hilton hotel I stayed at the rest of the week I explained to them what happened and they weren't surprised to hear what happened with Double Tree. My foot is still healing.

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