Logan's Inn Pool & Fitness Center
100 Clara Barton St
Dansville, NY

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My boyfriend had to stay here while traveling for work & I woke up with two bites on my ankle. Then I looked up the hotels reviews online & sure enough people mentioned bedbugs!Absolutely disgusted

March 21/2014 I checked into the Logan's Inn in dansville NY. At 12:30 AM, while I was still awake and the lights were on, I saw something crawling on the blanket and levitated out of the bed. It was a VERY active bed bug racing all over the place. As I looked trying to see if there was another one I noticed a dead one on the blanket too. I did not move the blanket after that or go anywhere near the bed I just took all my clothes to the bathroom to shake them out, put them on, carefully inspecte

d everything as I packed up, and called the front desk to say I would be leaving as there were bed bugs in the room. I was understandably totally creeped out. I then drove 3 hours home at 1 in the morning.

I was told the front desk clerk could not credit my credit card for the hotel charge, and the next morning my phone call with the manager was EXTREMELY bad. She said she inspected the room the next morning and couldn't see any bugs. Seems odd as I certainly didn't move the dead one, and it wasn't moving itself, and I do have pictures of the live one. I am shocked and appalled that there is so little recourse for the consumer in a situation like this. I am having to pay for a room that was infested and could possibly infest my home. Because of this reaction I don't believe they will do anything to rectify the infestation of their hotel.

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