Holiday Inn Laguardia Airport
3710 114th St
Corona, NY

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Please wait to post this until Sept. 16th, she will be leaving then.

Wednesday September 7, 2011. My daughter is traveling with work staying in this hotel (so she can't move to a different one). Her roommate started getting bitten about a week prior and then so did my daughter. As soon as she figured out what the problem might be, she contacted management. They brought a dog in and it did find bedbugs. They made them take their clothes to a laundry mat and leave things that couldn't be washed

in their old room. They were to be reimbursed for the laundry bill if they brought back reciepts, apparently laundry mats don't give reciepts. Being a visitor she was very uncomfortable having to go to an all Spanish (instructions as well) laundry mat in Queens, NY at 10 pm to do laundry. They were given a new room and now two days later, she is getting new bites. The roommate suggested they take the dog into the new room to check before they entered, but this was dismissed. Never having encountered this before, I feel the hotel could have been a little more helpful in several areas. Offer to wash their clothes and luggage for them, check the new room for their peace of mind, and in general be a little nicer about the situation.

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